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The Subtle Knife

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MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 01:07:43

Has anyone watched the second series of His Dark Materials? I enjoyed it far more than the first series and looked forward to Sunday nights. I even made a point of not watching it all on catchup so I could look forward to it each week! I still haven’t got the faintest idea what’s going on most of the time and although I haven’t read the book it seems that the storyline has been changed from the book. Am a bit traumatised by the last episode, though.

Grandma2213 Wed 23-Dec-20 02:42:23

Yes I have watched avidly and have also read and loved all the books. I reread them after I saw the the first series too. Naturally all the details aren't there and they have re-sequenced some events to make it run more smoothly I think. This is what happens when most books are made into films I think but I noted that Phillip Pullman himself was part of the production team so I runs close to the original premise of the books, which have been quite controversial. I have loved the character portrayals and have a love/hate relationship with Mrs Coulter. Apparently there is a concluding Series 3 but I suspect it will take some time to make bearing in mind the current situation. I can't wait but I will have to!!

Grandma2213 Wed 23-Dec-20 02:44:34

Sorry '-It- runs close to the original premise' .

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 12:52:31

Do you think the third part has already been made? I’m just thinking that the young actors will be growing up rapidly. I’m annoyed that I haven’t got my copy of The Subtle Knife with me as I really want to read it now. Of course, having the dishy priest from Fleabag has made it even more riveting.

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 12:55:13, production starts in 2021. This is like when I used to eagerly await the latest Lord of the Rings film.

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 12:56:33

The question is, do I try to get hold of the last two books and read them? We’re just doing a Tesco’s order and they might sell them....

Chardy Wed 23-Dec-20 14:03:10

Love all 3 books. Love Philip Pullman.

LullyDully Wed 23-Dec-20 14:28:15

Yes, apparently they are making The Amber Spyglass after Christmas. I have also read all the books and just ploughing through Dust 2.

The youngsters are well cast, both so intense. There are times when I get a wee bit confused but watching it on TV helps that. Thank goodness that Philip Pullman is involved with the production.

I found the scene when they cut through with the knife to get the alethiometer back breath taking. Mrs Coulter is rightly particularly sinister.
So much better than the Hollywood film with Nicole Kidman.

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 14:36:06

I was in Edinburgh Zoo and one of the keepers told us that Nicole Kidman took her children to the zoo and was fascinated by the marmosets. I, too was disappointed by the film. I did read something about the final book which makes me assume that it is going to make me feel sad....

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 14:39:38

The young actors have the most beautiful, expressive faces. I was surprised that a deeply religious friend of mine loved the books. She’s also a scientist and I remember when I was younger that I had scientist friends who were also devout Christians. It always puzzled me.

Franbern Wed 23-Dec-20 17:53:58

Love the books, and think this tv series has been really excellent. The two young actors must, surely, both be in line for awards - they are really brilliant.

I know the storylines extremely well. So, it says a lot as to how good this is, that even when I know the outcome, I sit with baited breath hoping it will be different....(eg: death of Lee Scoresby,)

Of course, Philip Pullman has now written a prequel explaining how Lyra got to Oxford in the first place, and then the second book is set about ten years after the final chapter of he Amber Spyglass - and we are all awaiting, with baited breath, for the final book in this series.

I am surprised that it has been said that they have not yet filmed the final part of the current series, as they did give a very small taster at the end of this week. I assume that taster was filmed when they were doing the current filming.

MayBee70 Wed 23-Dec-20 18:42:21

Oh, I hoped beyond hope that Lee would be ok. My favourite character by far. And Hester, of course....

Grandma2213 Thu 24-Dec-20 03:10:59

MayBee70 I thought that too about the young actors growing up. I wonder if some scenes have been done already. Apparently some intended Lord Asriel scenes in this series were not able to be included because of the pandemic so maybe they have not filmed the three in sequence. I also remember waiting for Lord of the Rings. It was a big family outing to the cinema every year!

Franbern I agree about how good it is. I too have been gripped despite knowing what will happen. I enjoyed the first Book of Dust 'La Belle Sauvage' but have to admit to struggling with the second, 'The Secret Commonwealth'. This possibly was because I read it outside in the sunshine of the first lockdown and kept falling asleep so maybe I'll give it another go!