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The comedy years

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MissAdventure Mon 28-Dec-20 18:25:18

Is on ITV 3 if anyone is interested.
Really very good, with a look at social history in between some excellent comedy clips.

MissAdventure Mon 28-Dec-20 18:31:58

Ah, I think I have just watched the moment Pamela Stephenson and Billy Connolly fell in love. smile

She was impersonating Janet Street Porter and doing spoof interview with him.

You can just see that he's entranced by her. smile

EllanVannin Mon 28-Dec-20 19:26:05

Duty Free---I loved it grin

MissAdventure Mon 28-Dec-20 19:44:33

I like a lot of different comedy, and this is covering them all.

The spitting image clips were great! grin

EllanVannin Mon 28-Dec-20 20:04:08

Spitting Image was genius back then.

MissAdventure Mon 28-Dec-20 20:07:23

I'm watching Britain's most expensive homes, now. Wow! smile
I love a nose into others' lives.

silverlining48 Mon 28-Dec-20 20:09:24

Thanks for the heads up MissA, will look out for it.

MissAdventure Mon 28-Dec-20 20:11:27

I think you'll like it *silverlining.
I'm hoping there may be another episode.