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Spiral, final series, starts tonight, 9 pm, BBC4

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Witzend Sat 02-Jan-21 19:28:41

We’re still catching up with the previous series, but will record.

GagaJo Sat 02-Jan-21 19:31:02

Oh blimey. I am rewatching series one. It's harder going than the later series.

TerriBull Sat 02-Jan-21 19:31:55

I know I started as thread earliergrin I believe this is the final series. Shame😢

GagaJo Sat 02-Jan-21 19:34:31

No spoilers please anyone! I'm going to rewatch all the old series first.

Sunlover Sat 02-Jan-21 20:20:58

We have been watching from series 1 during self isolation. On series 5 now. Love it.

Witzend Sat 02-Jan-21 22:48:04

I love Gilou! And it’s incredibly rare for me to even remotely fancy any actor. Last one was probably Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates when I was about 12. 😄

Cheesey Sat 02-Jan-21 23:24:27

GagaJo I am glad to hear that series 1 is harder going than the rest of the series.
We have heard so many good reviews of Spiral previously but having just watched series 1 were wondering whether to continue. We found it hard going to be honest, so dark and violent and extremely graphic in places. Great characters and acting though so perhaps we should give it another chance.

Funnygran Sat 02-Jan-21 23:33:38

We’ve watched them all and loved them. The characters develop and I’m already hooked on Series 8 after the first two episodes.

Witzend Sat 02-Jan-21 23:39:26

I was surprised to read some time ago that it was only shown on a subscription channel in France, a channel with only half a million subscribers.
Whether that’s changed now I don’t know.
I wondered whether it wasn’t on main channels because it doesn’t always portray Paris/French police/politicians in a very rosy light.

MayBee70 Sat 02-Jan-21 23:40:24

I’ve never understood what’s happening in Spiral. I don’t even attempt to any more. I just watch it. We did go to Paris once and I fantasised that every police car that went past was from Spiral. With Gilou on board (sigh).

GagaJo Sat 02-Jan-21 23:47:29

Cheesey, I find the camera work difficult in series 1. Also, several of the possible antagonistics are middle aged, white males. All looking sort of similar. I was also not so keen on Gilou being made to seem so flaky, although having seen the earlier series now, find it hard to see Laure as the pathetic one in S6 or 7 (I forget which).

GrandmasueUK Sun 03-Jan-21 13:07:17

I watched it last night and I laughed at one of the subtitles. When asked something like. "What was there?" The reply was "Nowt". I just thought it was so northern! grin