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BlueBelle Wed 27-Jan-21 07:05:43

Did anyone start the third series last night
I was looking forward to it but found it quite confusing and rather unbelievable (perhaps it’s me not being sharp enough)
Perhaps I ve forgotten more than I realised but who was the son she ended up in bed with was he involved with her before as they seemed to have history and who was the peeping Tom in the loft ? There seemed a massive lot of deaths and ‘baddies’ for one evenings viewing ?...three murders?

Lovetopaint037 Wed 27-Jan-21 10:13:15

We didn’t because we couldn’t stand the first series and didn’t continue with others. It was Marcello herself dashing here and there with an intense look on her face. She seemed ridiculous.

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 10:16:54

We hadn't watched the first two series but decided to try last night's as I was tempted by the Scandi Noir description.

I thought it was incomprehensible, ridiculous and just dire.

FannyCornforth Wed 27-Jan-21 10:24:50

I can't watch Marcella, or indeed anything with Anna Friel in it, due to what she has done to her lovely face.
She looks absurd.

Calendargirl Wed 27-Jan-21 10:27:25

I watched the first series, well, stuck with it to the end, but didn’t attempt the second.

Thought it a load of nonsense, and Anna Friel just annoys me now. Her blonde wig, (seen only in pictures) looks daft.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Jan-21 10:28:10

What has she done to her face never really thought about it Fanny or noticed it was that different
I do likeAnna Friel as an actress and enjoyed the other Marcella series but this one left me a bit bewildered last night

Jaxjacky Wed 27-Jan-21 11:12:27

We watched it, yes you have to focus as it’s a bit complex, but I’m enjoying watching it as it’s new, not a repeat. As for Anna Friels face, hadn’t noticed anything, I expect actors to change. Will continue with The Bay tonight too.

Charleygirl5 Wed 27-Jan-21 11:20:38

I did not have a clue at the start what on earth was going on and I could not remember anything from the last series. It is so unbelievable, are there going to be another 4 episodes?

FannyCornforth Wed 27-Jan-21 11:25:55

Re Friel's face. I suppose that it's not a recent thing. She's looked like she does for a while now, around five years plus. Just lots of Botox and fillers, especially her upper lip.

Curlywhirly Wed 27-Jan-21 11:58:34

I watched the first series, don't think I watched the second? The trouble with this programme is, it is not a standard alone series as it keeps referring to Marcella's back story, and if you didn't see previous episodes, it gets confusing. The Marcella character is not at all likeable and the story (rogue, wealthy, criminal family with lots of violence) just reminds me of a present day Peaky Blinders.

Tweedle24 Wed 27-Jan-21 13:08:43

I started watching it last evening and did find it difficult to follow but, am hoping that the story will reveal itself as it goes on. Although it is part of a series, in the Radio Times interview with Anna Friel she says, “It works as a standalone series that you could just watch by itself.”

I don’t think Marcella is meant to be likeable. I seem to remember reading somewhere that she is supposed to have undiagnosed autism or something similar.

I don’t think the blonde hair and vivid red lipstick suit her at all but, she is meant to be undercover so, I suppose she would make herself as unrecognisable as possible.

tanith Wed 17-Feb-21 07:39:37

Has anyone else given up with this? I got tired last night of all the hallucinations and confusion and just thought life’s too short to continue trying to figure out this very muddled series with anymore of my time.

Charleygirl5 Wed 17-Feb-21 07:46:58

I also did not enjoy last night's but as there is only one more episode I will watch it to the bitter end.

J52 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:36:48

I gave up after the first episode, I don’t care for Anna Friel as an actor and this drama just doesn’t grab me.

Kim19 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:41:52

Abandoned it awhile back. Much too violent for me.

Greyduster Wed 17-Feb-21 08:43:41

DH is watching it and I’m trying not to. I didn’t like the last series. Not one likeable character in it. And doesn’t she ever put a brush through her hair - it always looks like a pile of straw!

lemsip Wed 17-Feb-21 20:26:08

anna friel The British actress admitted trying the extreme facial – which involves drawing blood from the arm and injecting it back into the face using tiny acupuncture-style needles – "only once".. ugh!

Eloethan Sun 21-Feb-21 17:53:26

I thought the last series was awful and didn't even bother to start watching this one.

BlueBelle Sun 21-Feb-21 18:06:16

Didn’t get past the first one I was looking forward to it but didn’t like it and didn’t understand it so left it

kircubbin2000 Sun 21-Feb-21 19:44:15

I only watched the first episode as my daughter was married in Larchfield, the gangsters big house. Gave up as I couldn't follow it.

Greyduster Wed 17-Mar-21 14:02:37

We have just caught up with the last episode of this. The big shootout at the end was so utterly ludicrous I almost laughed out loud! Glad it’s over - hope they don’t bring it back. Full marks to Amanda Burton, who managed to look menacing even when all she could move was her eyes!