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The Windermere Children

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HannahLoisLuke Sun 31-Jan-21 12:37:54

I’ve recorded it along with the programme talking to the survivors.
Saving it for when there’s nothing I fancy on tv.

sodapop Fri 29-Jan-21 17:33:43

Definitely an uplifting programme , I saw it last year as well. I had no idea about those children before then.

Suki70 Fri 29-Jan-21 17:28:06

A very sad but ultimately heartwarming programme, complemented by the following programme where several of the men involved were interviewed. It was lovely to hear their stories of what happened to them after they left Windermere.
First saw these programmes a year ago but well worth watching again.

WishIwasyounger Fri 29-Jan-21 17:27:05

It was such a lovely upifting story, and ideal for the present situation where we can all come out of adversity and move forward.

EllanVannin Fri 29-Jan-21 17:22:43

I watched it, bless them. 720 children in all arrived, and 300 went to Windermere. A few of them were still alive today to tell the tale.

Elrel Fri 29-Jan-21 15:43:03

Very good programme.

Daisymae Fri 29-Jan-21 13:59:03

Hit post instead of editing! Very moving and well worth a watch. It's about Jewish children who came over to England from the camps at the end of WW2.

Daisymae Fri 29-Jan-21 13:56:17

Saw this on BBC iPlayer this week. Didn't know about any of this and found it ver mivin