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The Dig on Netflix

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Sparklefizz Fri 29-Jan-21 15:41:24

I can highly recommend The Dig just released today on Netflix, based on the true story of the archaeological dig and important finds at Sutton Hoo. Great cast and well filmed.

Gingster Fri 29-Jan-21 15:44:23

I have been looking forward to this. I have visited the Sutton Hoo museum and grounds. Very interesting. They have been updating it this year m so will look forward to going again, when we are allowed.

I’ll watch the programme tonight.

Sparklefizz Fri 29-Jan-21 15:45:31

Yes, I've visited it too Gingster, back in the day. I love anything to do with ancient history and archaeology.

tanith Fri 29-Jan-21 15:48:40

I’m going to watch that tomorrow and I let my sister know this morning to look out for it.

keepingquiet Fri 29-Jan-21 17:49:58

This is one reason I would get Netflix! Not even sure how I get it- lucky enough to go on a dig myself a few years ago. Great fun!

Sparklefizz Fri 29-Jan-21 18:20:35

keeping quiet If you go onto the Netflix site you will often find they offer a free month. I took advantage of it a few years ago to watch the first series of The Crown. You just have to remember to cancel the free offer when the month is up.

My AC bought me a year's sub to Netflix for my birthday last year as I have been shielding for 10 months.

tanith Fri 29-Jan-21 18:22:20

Sparklefizz if you know someone who has Netflix you could ask if they would share with you, they are allowed to share Netflix with people.

Daisymae Fri 29-Jan-21 18:46:50

Will watch this tonight. I know Sutton Hoo well, but I don't really know where the NT spent their £2 million refurb. I think that I was expecting something 21st century but I found it a bit of a disappointment.

Littleannie Fri 29-Jan-21 18:51:02

I think you will find Netflix no longer do the month's free offer.

Septimia Fri 29-Jan-21 18:53:36

I think I've read the book - but I've read so many recently that I can't remember!

DS took DGD to Sutton Hoo when she was quite small. She tried on the replica helmet and was intrigued by the 'Amblo-Saxon' king. When we went the museum was closed.

Will archaeologists find it convincing though?

Sparklefizz Fri 29-Jan-21 19:38:04


Sparklefizz if you know someone who has Netflix you could ask if they would share with you, they are allowed to share Netflix with people.

Thanks tanith. I am sharing it with my ACs.

TerriBull Fri 29-Jan-21 19:42:57

Oh good, I heard it was imminent, have read a few articles about it so look forward to watching it.

Littleannie Fri 29-Jan-21 20:56:04

I have just watched this. It is wonderful!

Daisymae Fri 29-Jan-21 21:27:43

Really enjoyed it. Will have to read more now. The lovely house and grounds isn't actually Sutton Hoo. It's a quite austere house in an exposed site.