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Watching itv hub

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mojoman Mon 08-Feb-21 16:58:40

Can anyone tell me if itv hub is available on any smart tv or do I have to watch on my laptop?

tanith Mon 08-Feb-21 17:09:40

I watch the hub on my Samsung smart tv.

cornishpatsy Mon 08-Feb-21 17:22:17

It is on there, go to the app store on your TV.

shysal Mon 08-Feb-21 17:30:45

As long as your TV is connected to the internet, either by wi-fi or cable, you can access the players. You will probably have to register the first time only - follow the instructions on screen.

Ilovecheese Mon 08-Feb-21 17:42:07

I have a Sony smart TV. I had to buy an Amazon firestick to be able to watch most catch up services . Only BBCiplayer of the catch up services could be accessed without the firestick. I believe this is a common complaint with Sony sets. The firestick was very easy to install. I bought ours from Argos, who do same or next day delivery . As far as I remember it was about £30.

midgey Mon 08-Feb-21 20:15:05

Like Tanith I watch lots of catch up programmes on my Samsung smart tv.