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The Terror

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Eloethan Thu 04-Mar-21 01:22:17

Did anyone watch this tonight? I thought it was very well done - good acting, convincing scenery and very gripping (though rather gory).

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:56:16

Thanks Jane. I can get the dvd back in a week or so. There are so many things I want to watch that are on Netflix or sky: it’s so frustrating. That new film that’s winning lots of awards (name escapes me) is on the Disney channel! I never got to see Roma even though it won the Oscar.

Jane43 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:35:16

MayBee70. Do you have Sky tv because Chernobyl is in the box sets collection. Or you could get a free week’s trial of Now TV as we did because it’s on there. We actually got two free weeks, one in my name and one in DH’s name. We wanted to watch the series with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman when we had the first free week and Your Honour when we had the second week. When I cancelled my week I was offered 6 months of the Entertainment package at £3.99 a month and it has been worth it, there are some excellent series on there.

SueDonim Wed 14-Apr-21 20:35:37

There’s some amazing film of Erebus and Terror on the Parks Canada website. Terror looks as though the crew might just have stepped away from it for a while.

MayBee70 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:01:38

I was a actually talking about it with someone from Illinois on a Facebook page the other day. They had to change the series as they went along I believe with all the discoveries both of the ships but also the people involved. I still haven’t started watching anything else as I was totally absorbed by the series and everything about it and didn’t actually want to move on. To see footage of the ship as well was amazing. They said that it was in such good condition it could almost be used again! Everything about it mesmerised me and there were so many small details that I didn’t pick up on first time around. The acting was superb. I want to rewatch Chernobyl again now but I’ve lent the dvd to someone.

Wedi Wed 14-Apr-21 16:56:29


Has anyone read the book? I’m tempted to buy it although I don’t seem to read much these days. I sometimes like to dip into a book to get a flavour if it.

Yes , I’ve read the book AND watched TERROR twice now . It’s the best programme that I’ve seen in ages .
The book is good , although there are some parts which are superfluous to the story.
What makes the story so interesting/real is the discovery of Terror and Erebus fairly recently in 2014 and 2016 .
I’ve not seen Jared Harris in anything before but thought he was so good that I watched CHERNOBYL , on the strength of this . Also excellent .

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 22:25:29

That’s why I watched it on my iPad in a dark room. I also hadn’t read the subtitles when the eskimos were speaking first time round so didn’t understand Lady Silences relationship with the Tuunbaq (sp). That’s the downside of catchup. I don’t concentrate on things properly because I know I can watch it again. I’m going to rewatch episode 9 and then I will have rewatched all of it. Then I can move on to something else. I find that the pandemic has resulted in me watching strange things to escape from reality. Interestingly one review likened it to The Descent, a film I tried to watch once but had to turn off halfway through and have never gone back to. And, more recently A Quiet Place.

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 21:01:43

Some of the difficulty with The terror was the light.. so gloomy one couldn’t see properly.

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:59:50

Well, at first I thought it couldn’t be because it was ‘two years later’. But then realised that could have been more than 2 years later. I do hope it was. Which means that I’m actually forgetting that it was a fictionalised tv series. Goes to show the strength of the acting. And why I found Chernobyl so good.

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:58:22

I think there have been a few dramas that you have to read up to work out what actually happened. I always had to ask my brother about Homelands.

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:54:59

I wondered if that was his child

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:37:16

That’s why I’ve rewatched it on my iplayer close up so I could work out who the characters were. I’d also missed out most of an important episode (Blanky’s leg) so it’s no wonder I hadn’t got a clue what was going on. Jopson: heartbreaking. So many wonderful character arcs and beautiful friendships in this series. My one criticism is you probably shouldn’t have to read up on what happened because you couldn’t work out what was going on. I was very confused as to who Crozier was actually chained to. I loved the way the very first shots showed Crozier listening to the conversation. And how the men had been photographed exactly how the real characters had been photographed. Was that Croziers child at the end. Was he with Lady S? I’m going to think he was because that makes it a happy ending (or, at least, my idea of a happy ending!).

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:23:55


Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:23:39

Calendargirl I agree it was difficult to tell some of the characters apart. apparently it was Jolson who had the hallucination of Crozier having a banquet.Poor chap,wouldn’t have known that Crozier had been captured.

merlotgran Thu 08-Apr-21 20:11:02

I agree.

Alegrias1 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:09:40

If the final episode has been broadcast then I think we should go for it!

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:08:05

I must say, I debated whether to watch the final episode as I didn’t sleep well after last weeks !!

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 20:06:04

Re spoilers, on another tv thread several,of us agreed that there isn’t much point having a thread about a programme if you can’t discuss it after the scheduled broadcast , because some people watch it on catch up. Short of having a dedicated thread for each episode there’s not much can be done. Couldn’t people wait until they have caught up before they read the thread if they don’t want to see what happened?
Anyone agree?
No, I haven’t read the book.

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:58:20

Maybe we should start a new thread to avoid spoilers. I came to the series a bit late having been scared to watch it at first but it was only when other people recommended it that I gave it a go. I’m glad I did. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been enthralled by it.

Alegrias1 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:46:34

Are we allowed to talk about the ending yet? grin

Sparkling Thu 08-Apr-21 16:23:04

I wasn’t brave enough!

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:19:06

Has anyone read the book? I’m tempted to buy it although I don’t seem to read much these days. I sometimes like to dip into a book to get a flavour if it.

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 13:54:30

Don’t look til,you’ve watched it!!!!

Alegrias1 Thu 08-Apr-21 12:41:03

SPOILERS!! smile

Atqui Thu 08-Apr-21 12:34:25

Yes interesting that in the book he went with Lady Silent. No one to talk to !!!

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 12:15:55

I think the combined their ending with the ending in the book in an ambiguous way. I know how I’m going to interpret it anyway.