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Litterpicker Wed 24-Mar-21 21:57:06

Did anyone watch this documentary from Chile on BBC4 on Monday night? I’m not sure about the ethics of it but it was a fascinating view of the lives of the mainly female residents of a care home for older people. Someone was concerned that her mother was being abused in the home and a private detective agency advertised for someone in their 80s to go in as a resident for 3 months to monitor what was happening. There was a film crew filming in the home, who also followed the “undercover gentleman”, Chamy.

Several of the ladies fell in love with Chamy who was charming and an attentive listener. No abuse was found - the staff were lovely - but a great deal of loneliness was revealed.

notnecessarilywiser Thu 25-Mar-21 08:13:10

I watched it. There was a good mix of funny (Chamy getting to grips with the technology required for his mission) and poignant (the lady who was always fretting that her mother hadn't visited).

I'd hoped there would be a final piece of info telling us that x months after the end of his mission, Chamy continues to visit the home on a regular basis. I expect he would.

sodapop Thu 25-Mar-21 08:38:46

Love that idea 'undercover OAP' brilliant, made me smile this morning.
Now waiting for the ageist comments smile

wildswan16 Thu 25-Mar-21 08:58:30

I have often thought that it would be this kind of intervention which could best uncover the reality of care facilities.

I seem to remember watching a "fly on the wall" TV series of care staff who applied for a job and had a hidden camera attached to them. The ethics involved is clearly complicated but for some circumstances it is probably the only way to find out what is going on. The good will be recorded as well as the bad.

It is sad, however, that we should ever feel the need to investigate in such a way.

Witzend Thu 25-Mar-21 09:01:09

Sounds good, will find it on catch-up.

I remember a U.K. series (Rogue tradesmen?) where undercover elderly people were used as ‘bait’ to catch such tradesmen. And very good actors they were too, pretending to be so grateful to someone who was blatantly ripping them off while not fixing the problem anyway.

Franbern Thu 25-Mar-21 09:55:06

Some years back I had a small problem with the flushing part of my bathroom loo. Opposite to that door, was the door to my home office, which had all sorts of equipment in it.
Anyway, I (stupidly), with a day off work for this, arranged for a mobile phone only man who called himself a plumber to come, rather than wait for one recommended by the Water Board, but who could not come until much later that day.

As soon as this man arrived at my front door I took a dislike to him, not sure why - gut reaction. He thumped up my stairs (cream carpet) still wearing his dirty shoes.....then asked me to go back down to turn off the water!!! Plumbing in this house was rather strange and I had no idea where I could turn off the water for that loo - and neither did he. Managed it eventually - with me having to go up and down my stairs!!! Whilst he was checking this, I was trying to go in and out of my office, but my gut reaction was not to let him see the expensive equipment there, (this was still the days before laptops but had tower desk computer, plus other items, so was only opening door to that as little as I could squeeze through,

Then he told me that the part would cost about a hundred pounds and he could go and purchase it now if I would give him the cash!!!! Told him I did not carry cash in the house and would pay when he showed me the invoice.

Somehow, he got it into his head that this was something like a rogue trader set sneaking in and out of that room opposite,. Even to the degree that he was putting the loo tank back together, he swore, looked up and then said'sorry Lady'. Then he raced downstairs, into his white can and drove off as fast as possible.

Did then what I should have done in the first place. Got in reputable plumber, who did not need water turned off at all, took photo of the damaged part on his phone and that went to his supplier. Came back a couple of days later with this and fixed it - all paid for by proper invoice from his company., and for just over half the cost that man had wanted just for the part.

He laughed when I told him what had happened, and said he hopd that it given that man a fright as he was obvioulsy a rip-off cowboy.

Litterpicker Thu 25-Mar-21 13:10:44

notnecessarilywiser yes an update would be interesting. I don’t know how near the home was to where Chamy lived. It would be a bit different being a visitor to being a resident but, like you, I think he would try.

Franbern your experience made me laugh at your “cowboy” plumbers quick exit when he thought he might be caught out!
I’m glad you got a good and cheaper service from your second plumber. A lesson to us all to be wary grin.