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Anyone watch Sister Wives on TLC?

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shysal Mon 29-Mar-21 12:40:02

I used to enjoy it on Quest Red every Monday evening (I don't have Sky). I have really missed it since they stopped showing it. I too would like to know whether there is a way of still seeing it.

Kamiso Mon 29-Mar-21 11:32:41

I used to watch it but didn’t know it was still around. Have you checked to see if it’s on YouTube?

Sophiasnana Mon 29-Mar-21 11:25:10

I was addicted to Sister Wives over the years. I used to watch it on TLC, but due to the fact our Sky subscription seemed to increase every month, we cancelled it. Now season 15 has started and I cant watch it! Looked on Amazon Prime but seems you can only watch it there if you are in the USA. Any ideas on how to stream it?