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Anyone watch Sister Wives on TLC?

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Sophiasnana Mon 29-Mar-21 11:25:10

I was addicted to Sister Wives over the years. I used to watch it on TLC, but due to the fact our Sky subscription seemed to increase every month, we cancelled it. Now season 15 has started and I cant watch it! Looked on Amazon Prime but seems you can only watch it there if you are in the USA. Any ideas on how to stream it?

Kamiso Mon 29-Mar-21 11:32:41

I used to watch it but didn’t know it was still around. Have you checked to see if it’s on YouTube?

shysal Mon 29-Mar-21 12:40:02

I used to enjoy it on Quest Red every Monday evening (I don't have Sky). I have really missed it since they stopped showing it. I too would like to know whether there is a way of still seeing it.