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The Sound of Music

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Antonia Sat 03-Apr-21 19:26:01

I watched it last night, for the umpteenth time, and I was wondering what today's society would make of Leisl and Rolf's duet, with lyrics, 'I am sixteen going on seventeen, when Leisl sings 'I need someone older and wiser, telling me what to do. You are seventeen going on eighteen, I'll depend on you.'
I almost laughed, thinking how absolutely impossible it would be, to write such lyrics today.
How things have changed since the film was made.

Sara1954 Sat 03-Apr-21 20:55:00

I once played Leisl in the school play, and I still remember all the words. As you say Antonia, wouldn’t go down very well with today’s young women.

Galaxy Sat 03-Apr-21 20:56:18

Well it didnt end well did it grin