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Rip Paul Ritter (Martin Goodman)

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FannyCornforth Tue 06-Apr-21 12:08:01

Paul Ritter has died
This is such sad news. He was such a talented and funny actor.
I always thought that he made Friday Night Dinner

FannyCornforth Tue 06-Apr-21 12:20:52

He was also in Vera, of course
(Was he the coroner? I don't watch it that much, but I know that it gets a lot of love on here)
He was only 54.

Ilovecheese Tue 06-Apr-21 12:22:42

I was sad to hear this too. I loved him in Vera.

Galaxy Tue 06-Apr-21 12:24:47

Oh I have just realised who he was in vera. I dont watch FND. He was great in Vera.

icanhandthemback Tue 06-Apr-21 12:26:46

Oh no. I also loved him in Vera. RIP Paul Ritter. How very sad.

BridgetPark Tue 06-Apr-21 12:37:00

This man was a wonderful actor. I always looked forward to watching him in anything, he was just so good. In Friday Night Dinner, he portrayed the dad of the family exceptionally well, the relationship with his on screen sons was spot on, the right amount of banter and humour and grudging admiration for each other.
He was only 54. Life is so cruel. R.I.P Paul, thankyou for all your on screen appearances, they were all superb.

Auntieflo Tue 06-Apr-21 13:40:17

Just heard this sad news at lunch time. I was a fan of his in Friday Night Dinner and also in Vera, when I watched it.

tidyskatemum Tue 06-Apr-21 13:40:36

That was a bit of a shock. Apparently his illness had been kept quiet. I loved him in Friday Night Dinner. RIP.

Alegrias1 Tue 06-Apr-21 13:42:34

This is such sad news. He was in Chernobyl as well, played a really nasty person. Just goes to show what a good actor he was, I think. Such a shame.

Fishpieplease Tue 06-Apr-21 13:45:23

FND was the one series that my whole family loved. Off to cook squirrel for tonight’s meal.

trisher Tue 06-Apr-21 13:50:38

I've just read the list of things he appeared in, so many things and such varied roles. He was a talented actor. He died far too young. RIP.

annsixty Tue 06-Apr-21 14:21:22

So sad for him and his family.
FND is a huge favourite here.
So young.