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A new game

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Daisymae Thu 08-Apr-21 10:49:42

So a program starts and we start guessing whether it was recorded pre Covid, during last summers respite or whenever We look for distancing, evidence of masks, visible members of the public. When we people hug or even kiss it's a done deal 😊. Those were the days!

Squiffy Thu 08-Apr-21 10:53:38

We do that, too! grin We need to get out more . . . wink

GrandmasueUK Thu 08-Apr-21 23:55:33

I’ll admit that we do the same. I start to get a bit anxious when people are too close together!😳

Marydoll Fri 09-Apr-21 00:13:24

I'm guilty of that too! I find it amazing how some shows, like Ready, Steady, Cook have managed to keep filming and organise social distancing.

nanna8 Fri 09-Apr-21 01:52:51

We’re all back to hugging and kissing for now here. Won’t last long because they are opening the airports but meanwhile we are making the most of it !

Marydoll Fri 09-Apr-21 06:28:47

I'm, envious, but premature for me!. Even mostly everyone here has been vaccinated, I will still be wary.

Marydoll Fri 09-Apr-21 06:29:49

Should have previewed, sorry!