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Confession - I have never watched it!

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Oldwoman70 Mon 19-Apr-21 08:39:09

Every newspaper and radio programme seems obsessed with Line of Duty - and I have never watched a single episode blush. Despite not watching it I am aware there appears to be a "clue" in the misspelling of a word.

I know there is a thread for fans of the programme and I don't want to hijack it - so can anyone tell me why it is so popular and should I really be watching it?

TrendyNannie6 Mon 19-Apr-21 18:56:05

Yes we watch it

Oldbat1 Mon 19-Apr-21 18:52:32

We’ve watched Line of Duty from the start. Rewatched it all again before this current series started. The writing is excellent. I also listen to the podcast immediately after the tv program presented by the actor who played “Dot” - I always learn something new.
Loved the Sopranos. Breaking Bad grew on me but husband didn’t like Bb.

MayBee70 Mon 19-Apr-21 18:27:48

I tried LOD once but couldn’t understand what was going on. I’m useless with complicated crime dramas. Even James Bond films confuse me. I need to start watching Breaking Bad. I was about to start watching series two when I got hooked on GOT’s and only wanted to watch costume dramas or fantasy. Then devoted several years of my life to GOT’s ( I came to it late so binge watched a lot of it) only to be bitterly disappointed by the end. Up till then I thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen. Someone has recommended The Sopranos so I want to watch that some day. DD told me The Wire was the best thing she’d ever seen but that was prior to seeing GOT’s (she’s the one that got me hooked on that). I’ve just rewatched The Terrir several times in an attempt to understand it all and felt it was worth devoting time to, but reckon I’d have to rewatch LOD several times and make notes which I’m not prepared to do. I do think it’s great though that people have these amazing series in which they can escape from the real world: I guess they’ve replaced books in some way. I gave up trying to understand Peaky Blinders years ago, but still love it. I almost feel a bit drug dealer’ish when I discover a new series as I want everyone to watch it!

JaneJudge Mon 19-Apr-21 16:31:34

I don't like violence either. I have realised I am getting more and more sensitive to it on TV/film

Bluecat Mon 19-Apr-21 16:20:19

We came late to LoD and binge-watched to catch up. We're addicted now, of course. I would say that it's far and away the best stuff that we have watched for quite a while.

I like it because it is unpredictable. In many dramas, you can see what will happen a mile away. In detective dramas, this often boils down to "Which of these three people is it likely to be?" LoD has little clues, complex plot lines and sudden "Oh my God!" twists.

And if you keep watching, you do come to care about the characters - Ted with his divorce and money troubles, Steve's bad back, impotence and addiction to painkillers, and Kate who has lost custody of her son but doesn't seem to be very bothered about it. The writer also isn't afraid to kill off major characters, so you can seldom predict what will happen.

Jane43 Mon 19-Apr-21 14:29:51


I only got into Line of Duty with the last series and those which were repeated - sadly not all the previous ones were as I suspect the BBC prefer us to buy a boxed set and I'm too mean to splash out. It is riveting viewing.

I've never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve or Lord of the Rings and I can't be bothered to get into them now.

Aren’t all the previous series on BBC iPlayer any more . They used to be.

Jane43 Mon 19-Apr-21 14:27:50

I kept telling our younger son about it and they started watching just before this new series started. He and his wife watched all series and are now addicted to it. As soon as each episode finishes he texts me to discuss it.

SueDonim Mon 19-Apr-21 14:22:46

I haven’t watched any of the programmes JaneJudge mentions. I think I watched two two episodes of Peaky Blinders. I don’t like violence either.

I almost never watch anything with my full attention, I can’t sit with idle hands so I’m sewing or knitting at the same time and end up missing bits which makes nonsense of it all. I did watch The Terror recently, which did have me riveted. I don’t know why it caught my attention in that way.

Days and even weeks can go by when we don’t put the tv on except for the news, and pre-Covid we rarely watched that either.

Daisend1 Mon 19-Apr-21 14:07:36

Couldn't get into it, much prefer watching re runs of Law & Order UK .

timetogo2016 Mon 19-Apr-21 13:54:30

Same here JaneJudge.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 19-Apr-21 13:48:25

I’ve never watched LOD either. It doesn’t interest me. Also not watched Peaky Blinders or Game of Thrones. Just not my cup of tea.

Blondiescot Mon 19-Apr-21 13:44:37

Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are without a doubt the best things I have ever seen on tv! I get that they might not be everyone's cup of tea though. I've never watched Line of Duty though.

Elusivebutterfly Mon 19-Apr-21 13:35:17

I've only recently seen Line of Duty talked about and wondered if I would like it. There aren't many series I like and usually only British ones.
I think Breaking Bad is awful and what I have heard about Sopranos sounds just as bad.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 19-Apr-21 13:27:14

I only got into Line of Duty with the last series and those which were repeated - sadly not all the previous ones were as I suspect the BBC prefer us to buy a boxed set and I'm too mean to splash out. It is riveting viewing.

I've never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve or Lord of the Rings and I can't be bothered to get into them now.

Grandmajean Mon 19-Apr-21 12:41:42

DH and I are late comers to LID - are on series two. Have to admit I am struggling but DH loving it. Not sure why it isn't doing it for me. Don't find car chases thrilling and there seem to be a lot of them . If you have a tendency to daydream you can easily miss something important. DH gets annoyed if I keep saying "Who's he?" or "Where are we now ?" You definitely have to concentrate. Will persevere a bit longer.

GillT57 Mon 19-Apr-21 12:04:21

I like LoD because it is brilliant writing, the twists and turns and assumptions turned on their head. I liked Breaking Bad too, how a decent man can have his whole life and moral code changed. Unforgotten is another good one with twists and turns and shows how history, things we did in our foolish youth can come back to haunt us. It is when I watch a well written drama that I realise how much of what is on is simple minded pap with no plot, no thinking involved. I was watching an old episode of Midsomer Murders last week and had to turn it off! Jim Nettles wandering into a murder scene, no tyvak suit, no shoe protectors, picking up a long blonde hair and musing who it belonged to. I started shouting at him to put it in an evidence bag! Then the poorly developed characters straight from central casting; the dypso wife, the cheating husband, the dodgy business was unwatcheable.

Grammaretto Mon 19-Apr-21 11:39:41

I am almost in accord with JaneJudge as all those hugely popular dramas have passed me by.
I tried to watch the new series of Line of Duty but I had no affinity for the characters and I loathe the pervasive gun culture which is trying to be American. The only thing I found funny were all the acronyms. There's a spoof of it on U-tube. (and I managed to fix my knitting)

Bring back Dickson of Dock Green, Z cars, Juliet Bravo, Morse, actually you can see old series grin
I switched on Woman's Hour this morning and thought I was listening to Radio 2.
They are catering for younger audiences and nobody seems to cater for me anymore. Boo Hoo.

ginny Mon 19-Apr-21 11:02:36

I’ve not watched LOD.
Not watched many of the recent ‘popular’ programmes.
Neither have I watched ( or read) a single Harry Potter , James Bond or Indiana Jones.
Don’t feel I’m missing out

Grannynannywanny Mon 19-Apr-21 11:01:19

There was so much hype about the return of LOD I decided to give it a go. I started with series one but didn’t go beyond that stage. I found it too difficult to follow and I just didn’t have the concentration for it.

I’ve recently discovered the US comedy Grace and Frankie and I love it. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are a great partnership. That’s where I go if I’m stuck for something to watch.

BigBertha1 Mon 19-Apr-21 10:56:30

We love Line of Duty wouldnt miss it but as for other popular progs so its a no to:-
Call the Midwife (shoot me now if I have to watch that)
Pesky Blinders
Eastenders and Corrie

- most things that are on mainstream TV before 9pm.

Deedaa Mon 19-Apr-21 10:50:38

I think I once watched a whole episode of Peaky Blinders but couldn't get into it. I never started Game Of Thrones as I try not to get too many obsessions going at a time! I enjoyed The Terror, I can always rewatch Montalbano, both old and young, and I've enjoyed the true life crime dramas they've done on Channel 5.

vampirequeen Mon 19-Apr-21 10:45:53

I don't watch many dramas and I find long series annoying. So I haven't watched any of the 'everyone should watch' programmes.

Oldwoman70 Mon 19-Apr-21 10:39:02


There’s no reason why you should watch it if it’s of no interest to you. I have watched it since it began because I love a well written police or crime drama. The Sopranos was a brilliant series.

There are so many programmes which don’t interest me in the slightest but I’ve never thought that I should watch them.

Do you watch TV at all Oldwoman, if so what do you enjoy?

Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "should". As I say I am intrigued that so many people are gripped by the programme.

I confess I don't watch much TV these days - I tend to watch DVDs but I did enjoy The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Law & Order UK and Person of Interest (oh dear I have just realised those are either American programmes or based on an American programme!)

JaneJudge Mon 19-Apr-21 09:47:49

we need a venn diagram

Shinamae Mon 19-Apr-21 09:45:40

I have never watched line of duty, peaky blinders or Game of Thrones but I loved breaking bad