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Talktalk price rise Recommendations please.

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Esspee Tue 27-Jul-21 17:36:00

I have received an email telling me that the charge for my Talktalk line will increase by £2 a month in August and in April 2022 by another 3.7% plus consumer price index rate of inflation. In June inflation was 2.5% so using that figure an increase of over 6% is carded for April.
I currently pay £20.99 per month for faster fibre broadband and telephone line with inclusive U.K. calls.
Their service is appalling when anything goes wrong so may I ask fellow gransnetters if you can recommend your telecoms company and how much do you pay per month?

Luckygirl Tue 27-Jul-21 17:43:20

I use Zen because everyone recommended it. Service is good - can't remember what I am paying - it is not cheap (more than you pay) - is anything?

BeverleyJB Tue 27-Jul-21 17:43:23

I've just changed to Shell - it was a special offer (lower monthly price) plus I get a £50 Amazon gift card. My previous supplier put the monthly charge up by much more than inflation and then, when I notified them I was switching, offered me a special deal because I had been a loyal customer for several years! That does get my goat - if a company values my loyalty then why not give me the “best price” before I say I'm leaving?

I would recommend looking at the Money Saving Expert website to find the deals available that would suit you best.

25Avalon Tue 27-Jul-21 17:58:11

Like BeverleyJB we have just changed to Shell. We were with Talk Talk who didn’t tell us our contract had expired just started charging more, very difficult talking to their customer services which is based overseas. We don’t have a phone just the line for broadband. They refused to let us leave without the phone number but wouldn’t give it to us because of GDPR. They refused to refund any of their excontract rates.

At the same time the Saga magazine dropped on the mat with Shell’s offer. New rate is £21 per month for high speed broadband and free phone calls, and a £50 Curry’s voucher to follow. The GB based customer services were very polite and helpful. So glad Saga came thru the door. Talk talk were awful.

blondenana Tue 27-Jul-21 18:02:14

I am with NOW TV but i dont use the television service,as i don't have a smart TV,but internet, phone line .incuding free calls including mobiles.£22 a month
Before, them i was with EE similiar deal, for £19 a month,
At the end of your contract they tend to increase prices,which is why i change after every contract is finished,
I tried Plusnet, but the internet kept dropping,
Started off with Tiscal,which then became TALKTALK,their prices rose drastically,and i have kept their email, but now they are starting to charge for email if not with them for internet,so just changed my email address
Look at Martin Lewis or a comparison site

MissAdventure Tue 27-Jul-21 18:03:22

I'm in the process of changing over to UW (utilities warehouse)
I don't like change, and find it very stressful, but their rep does the whole lot, including setting up the new router.
I'm also changing from ee to their mobile service, and gas and electric, too.
All cheaper, so i hope I'm doing the right thing.

Esspee Tue 27-Jul-21 18:15:50

I will be checking out Money Saving Expert but that is more a financial comparison. I am interested in other people’s experiences with their supplier.
I have had the most awful service from Talktalk so don’t feel any loyalty to them.

jusnoneed Tue 27-Jul-21 18:29:54

I use Plusnet for fast fibre BB and line. Have to pay for calls but in usual times we rarely use the landline anyway. Been with them for about 4 years. Any problems soon sorted by English speaking people.
Not heard of Shell doing BB would be interested to know how they perform.

Hope you get on alright with UW MissAdventure - I know two people who used them and soon got rid again!

MissAdventure Tue 27-Jul-21 18:43:17

Oh, I hope do, too!
I haven't much enjoyed being a talktalk customer; our internet is very temperamental.

Grannynannywanny Tue 27-Jul-21 19:09:14

Esspee I’ve been a Virginmedia customer for about 10 years. I have phone, superfast broadband and a tv package. I pay £33 a month. I think their super fast broadband and phone deals without tv package are around £26.

I find their customer service very good. In the 10 years I’ve been with them I’ve only had to call them 3 times and an engineer has visited in under 24 hours and immediately fixed the problem.

I think their performance is reliable because it’s their own underground cables rather than piggybacking onto BT Openreach like many other companies.

If you check out Virginmedia website and enter your postcode it will confirm if it’s available in your area and any current deals for new customers.

Greeneyedgirl Tue 27-Jul-21 19:33:35

I think good reliable service is more important than the cheapest, similarly with energy companies.

Gwyneth Tue 27-Jul-21 21:15:46

I’m also with Talk Talk and they are awful. Almost impossible to contact an useless dealing with problems. On the 19 March I had an e mail from them stating that from April 2022 the monthly cost will increase according to the consumer price index. It also states there will be no increase this current year. I have recently had another mail saying that from 18 August this year my monthly cost will increase by £2. Surely they can’t do this if they have already said there will be no increase this year.

MissAdventure Tue 27-Jul-21 21:48:18

I didn't mind talktalk being awful and cheap, but awful and expensive is just too much!

Suki70 Tue 27-Jul-21 22:47:51

We have Talktalk and find their customer service has improved greatly over the last year. Their technical department is now based in England and we’ve found it easy to contact and the advisers very helpful. DH is 80 and we’re now on a priority list. Earlier in the year I phoned on a Sunday morning with a problem and an engineer came to fix it late afternoon.

Esspee Wed 28-Jul-21 11:36:05

Interestingly the advert at the top of my page is for Plusnet. They are MSE’s Best Buy at the moment and they rate the customer service as Good. £18.95 for the basic package and £75 back making it equivalent to £12.70 a month.
I shall be looking into this as it sounds too good to be true.

25Avalon Wed 28-Jul-21 14:28:32

Just had a phone call from Talktalk trying to persuade us not to continue with our move to Shell. An English person from Talktalk has offered us 65mb, £20 per month for 18 months plus £100 refund. We are thinking about it but seriously tempting as we would effectively have first 5 months for free.

MiniMoon Wed 28-Jul-21 16:09:03

We are with Talktalk for landline and broadband. Just last week we received a new router from them. We hadn't asked for, or ordered it, so it was a nice surprise.

Esspee Fri 06-Aug-21 18:00:26

25Avalon that is one hell of an offer. I don’t think I could refuse that. Thanks for the heads up.

crazyH Fri 06-Aug-21 18:08:05

I’m with Sky and quite satisfied