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The railway killers

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travelsafar Thu 19-Aug-21 07:46:20

I found this absolutely fasinating. How things have changed over the years and how hard it must have been to try and track down criminals without all the CCT, DNA testing and other forensic help that is available now adays. Heartbreaking report of three families whose lifes were destroyed by other people's actions. It also showed the effect on one police officer after dealing with the criminals involved, he ended up with PTSD and never worked as a police officer again, so sad.

Deedaa Thu 19-Aug-21 18:08:57

It was very good wasn't it? I think we forget how deeply involved some of the police officers get in these cases. It seemed so strange seeing them trying to track the killers with no CCTV or mobile phone records, and DNA has made such a difference.

Smileless2012 Thu 19-Aug-21 18:12:18

It was shockingly gripping wasn't it. I too felt for that lovely police officer whose involvement ended his career. Thank goodness they got that evil man in the end.

welbeck Thu 19-Aug-21 21:04:42

i didn't watch it, but i was working around, and often out and about around, those areas at the time.
i don't remember being particularly aware of it, no internet of course, and probably out when the local news was on.
when i look back on it, the terrible randomness of a woman just coming home from work when these despicable two were on the hunt.
it could have been any of us.

Sarnia Fri 20-Aug-21 15:49:50

Hours of painstaking police work. The advances in forensic science and technology must be a godsend to the police. Some people object to CCTV cameras but they can really help in collecting evidence and if you haven't done anything then you have nothing to worry about, surely.