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'Jamie' on prime

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JaneJudge Sun 31-Oct-21 18:06:52

we have just watched this
will be in the West End soon, surely? smile

greenlady102 Sun 31-Oct-21 18:15:50

the movie about the boy who wanted to weat a tutu? It was on stage in London in 2017

JaneJudge Sun 31-Oct-21 18:20:34

oh I don't know. He was a drag Queen

JaneJudge Sun 31-Oct-21 18:21:43


Kate1949 Sun 31-Oct-21 19:06:25

Hasn't it already been on in The West End? It's touring the UK at the moment so I assume it must have been.

Kate1949 Sun 31-Oct-21 19:10:02

I've just had a quick Google. It finished its run in the West End in September (Apollo Theatre) and is now touring the UK.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 31-Oct-21 19:28:30

DD and I saw this in the theatre in London four years ago it was fabulous.

Visgir1 Sun 31-Oct-21 20:05:27

Saw it in the West End about 3 years ago. Delightful show and the young cast came to meet the audience in the foyer.

JaneJudge Sun 31-Oct-21 20:14:14

ohh smile smile
I am so behind grin