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Outlook, BBC World Service last night.

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Witzend Fri 05-Nov-21 16:41:05

Sleepless at 2 or 3 am, I listened to this.
It was about an Afghan refugee whose family had lived through a hell of war and bombing, until he was 15, when he came in his own to the U.K.

He worked 3 jobs, got A grades in his A levels, and won a place at Cambridge University to study medicine.
He’s now a doctor working for the NHS.

Well worth a listen.

Scones Fri 05-Nov-21 16:47:42

Ruddy immigrants! Coming over here excelling, curing the sick and making society a better place to be.

Seriously though, what a triumph. What an incredible achievement and how fantastic that this young man was able to come here and thrive after all he had been through. I hope we never close our doors on people who need a safe place to be. Did you learn what became of his family Witzend?

silverlining48 Fri 05-Nov-21 17:13:51

I caught some of the programme as am often awake through the night. This young man is an inspiration.

A young man I know was an English teacher in Syria. He is now fluent in a third language, that of his new European home and recently qualified after 2 years intense study and can at last start working.

World service is always an interesting listen and the Outlook progs can be picked up online radio4 catch up.

Witzend Sat 06-Nov-21 11:42:08

Scones, the rest of his large family stayed in Afghanistan. IIRC he said he’d been back to visit, but his mother had since died. Evidently they wanted him to marry an Afghan girl and take her back to the U.K. But after many years in the U.K. he didn’t think that’d be right for him, and if I gathered correctly, married someone from here.