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bbc2 9-10.40 joan collins life story

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Visgir1 Sun 02-Jan-22 12:37:22

I saw her once years ago in a play at Chichester Festival Theatre. Remember looking forward to seeing this legend.
Well... She's no stage actress and probably did the right thing sticking to films and TV, stop and start acting.

Kim19 Sun 02-Jan-22 11:27:26

I rather enjoyed the show. She certainly was in control of the proceedings and I admired that. The lady had an ego and a goal and she went for it. What's not to admire about that? Admittedly her methods would not have suited all of us but that was her choice. She took a hard hit with her daughter's accident but dealt with it fully and compassionately. Yes, I found it interesting and glad I watched.

Kate1949 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:56:50

I love Joan. I think she's fabulous. I don't know many 88 year olds who look as good. Yes I know she has money but she's made it her business to earn it.

henetha Sun 02-Jan-22 10:41:52

I'm a fan of Joan. And a little envious. She's funny and self-deprecating. I like her. I've recorded that programme to watch later.

Anniebach Sun 02-Jan-22 10:39:25

She certainly has had a little help, only her mouth moves

honeyrose Sun 02-Jan-22 09:41:06

I’m not particularly a fan, but found myself watching the programme and enjoying it. Joan Collins has certainly lived a colourful life and it made for an interesting programme. She’s very well preserved for someone of 88 (probably had a bit of help!). She was quite self deprecating at times on the programme, whereas I normally find her quite full of herself. No doubt she’s a very steely and determined woman to have survived in show biz. She doesn’t stand any nonsense, but learned this the hard way as she matured! It struck me what a marvellous bone structure JC has and extremely photogenic.

Calendargirl Sun 02-Jan-22 08:52:20

I shall watch it sometime. I’m a fan of our Joanie. What a trouper!

notgran Sat 01-Jan-22 22:07:27

I'm not watching it incidentally. grin

notgran Sat 01-Jan-22 22:06:18

Funny how she is now lauded as a grande dame and treated with such reverance. I remember in the 1960's and 1970's she was considered a joke and was in terrible films some very questionable. She was always in the papers for her affairs and getting married or divorced.

lemsip Sat 01-Jan-22 21:55:12

well it isn't compulsory. ha ha

Anniebach Sat 01-Jan-22 21:20:08

Not sure if I am that bored

lemsip Sat 01-Jan-22 21:13:44

9pm to 10.40pm of course

lemsip Sat 01-Jan-22 21:12:43

joan collins tells her own life story....