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The Lost Daughter

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annodomini Sun 02-Jan-22 23:22:31

Has anyone else seen the new Olivia Coleman film, The Lost Daughter? I've just been reading a review and, without giving anything else away, I'd like to know what other grans thought of it. I was left thinking I hadn't seen the same film as the reviewer.

Shandy57 Sun 02-Jan-22 23:29:56

I didn't like it, although Olivia Coleman was fabulous as usual.

nandad Sun 02-Jan-22 23:32:18

Started watching it last night but after an hour we decided it wasn’t going anywhere and didn’t want to waste another hour watching to the end. The music irritated me as well.
Did you enjoy it AD?

Chewbacca Sun 02-Jan-22 23:48:48

I saw it on Thursday, at a cinema near you, annodomini and I really did enjoy it. It switches between past and present and confronts some awkward and uncomfortable experiences of motherhood. It's "a film that makes you think", long after you've left the cinema!

NotAGran55 Mon 03-Jan-22 07:55:47

Thought provoking and great acting, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. No doubt it will win every award.

GrandmaTrisha Mon 03-Jan-22 08:00:41

I didn’t really ‘get it’ and I was disappointed by the ending. I’m not really sure what it was all about to honest………

Calendargirl Mon 03-Jan-22 08:05:21

Not a huge Olivia Colman fan so won’t watch it.

Aveline Mon 03-Jan-22 08:30:35

Glad it's not just me. I gave up on it too.

TerriBull Mon 03-Jan-22 09:15:42

A friend of mine said to me "It's rather a strange film, what do you think of it?" I haven't see it yet, I've rather been looking forward to it.............but, it seems not everyone is raving about it as much as the critics. I didn't really like the film about Queen Anne that Olivia Coleman won the Oscar for. Nevertheless, I'm definitely going to watch this film, maybe tonight, then I can give an opinion.

J52 Mon 03-Jan-22 10:19:33

Without giving too much away -
Olivia Coleman plays the part of a woman who has deep seated psychological problems involving regret over previous actions.
As a daughter of someone who acted in a similar way, I found the film rather disturbing.

henetha Mon 03-Jan-22 10:48:15

I wasn't overly keen on this, although I like Olivia Coleman.
Too soppy for my liking.

NambyPamby Mon 03-Jan-22 17:44:30

I watched this yesterday, I don't normally watch things regarding lost children or potentially upsetting drama's.
However I found this quite thought provoking and disquieting where it struck a chord at the beginning where she was beginning to show discontent.
I assumed it was going somewhere a bit more thrilling or violent as most drama's dictate today.
However it struck a chord in a more quieter world that is often not discussed (or didn't use to) and in my world because I'm not in a usual scenario.

TerriBull Tue 04-Jan-22 10:42:24

I watched it last night, quite a bizarre film, in the way some French films are, but I don't mind that too much, I found it reasonably watchable, although in spite of a great cast, I'm not sure I'd have been very happy if I'd paid to see it at the cinema, it wasn't good enough for that imo.

I like Olivia Colman as an actress. I've always thought Jessie Buckley a very talented actress, so good in Wild Rose, and also in this film.

I thought maybe the Olivia Colman/Jessie Buckley character was the lost daughter herself, insomuch as JB, alluded in the flashbacks, of her horrible upbringing at one stage and not liking her mother. Although I guess that's open to interpretation.

Did she survive the hat pin incident? she seemed to, again open to interpretation hmm