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Jane Mcdonald in Yorkshire

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bikergran Sat 29-Jan-22 18:27:40

Have I missed the start or has it not been broadcast yet, can't seem to find it.

Kate1949 Sat 29-Jan-22 18:48:56

I hope it hasn't been on. I would hate to have missed it.

Kate1949 Sat 29-Jan-22 18:52:31

She's filming in the Caribbean at the moment according to her Twitter account.

bikergran Sat 29-Jan-22 19:31:53

Ahh ok, I shall keep my eye out, thanks.

crazyH Sat 29-Jan-22 19:45:13

I caught her in between winks of sleep. Now, where was she ? Can’t remember😂 she was in a Tuktuk driven by a young lady - yes, I think it was the Caribbean …

Tina49 Sun 30-Jan-22 06:25:44

Jane McDonald's Yorkshire will be screened on Channel 5 from the week beginning January 22nd

bikergran Sun 30-Jan-22 07:27:36

Tina49 I thought I had read the same, but couldn't find it on catch up, I shall look again tonight. Thanks

Serendipity22 Sun 30-Jan-22 08:35:57

Love Jane McDonald. True, how to earth lass.
You can take us girls out of Yorkshire, but you can never take Yorkshire out of us girls.