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channel5 9pm tonight The Teacher

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lemsip Mon 31-Jan-22 18:18:21

Sheridan Smith heads this drama..The Teacher . 'Jenna Garvey' is accused of sleeping with one of her pupils .
"Really looking forward to watching this, Sheridan Smith's a brilliant actor,
channel 5 tonight 9pm

ShazzaKanazza Mon 31-Jan-22 18:22:32

Sheridan is a wonderful actor and singer. She used to do dance festivals when my DD did them although she’s older. But of course she won everything she’s so talented. We will be watching as we do with everything she’s in.

Grannyben Mon 31-Jan-22 19:04:02

Isn't she in another one soon? I'm sure I've seen one advertised where she is the mother of a teenage boy accused of assault. Maybe I've drempt it

Calendargirl Mon 31-Jan-22 19:19:38

She is in lots of stuff at the moment, after a gap of a couple of years. Did she have a baby?

I hope ‘The Teacher’ is good, and not the usual let down after a few promising trailers.

Yes, ‘Trigger Point’, I’m looking at you.

lemsip Mon 31-Jan-22 21:29:42

so good to see Kelvin Fletcher in a good role after emmerdale which he left some years ago.

Calendargirl Mon 31-Jan-22 22:04:05


Can’t imagine any of my old teachers living it up at Lazarus night club.

Sheridan Smith always seems to play this type of troubled, boozy, angst-filled female.

Seemed to jump about quite a bit, from one scene to another.

Will see what tomorrow’s episode turns up.

Grandmajean Mon 31-Jan-22 22:09:27

Will give it another go but disappointing. The staff and pupils seemed unbelievable to me.

Shelflife Mon 31-Jan-22 23:40:57

I was looking forward to watching ‘ The Teacher’ as I am a fan of Sheridan Smith. Sadly I was disappointed , just couldn’t settle into watching , it simply did not hold my attention.

Doodledog Mon 31-Jan-22 23:57:51

I enjoyed it. I can't imagine my teachers doing anything but go home to mark papers and then bed with a mug of Ovaltine, but that's because everyone thinks their teachers are ancient and boring grin, and they only show one side of their personality to their pupils.

I can, however, easily imagine teacher friends I've had over the years having too much wine and partying hard. Not having sex with a pupil, though, but that's yet to be proved in the drama.

lemsip Tue 01-Feb-22 00:52:52

On again tomorrow night when the full inpact of the drama will kick in......tonight was just setting the a bit impatient with it tonight.

Pepper59 Tue 01-Feb-22 03:03:16

I will watch anything that Sheridan Smith is in, fantastic actress. Four Lives was excellent, you can still watch this on I-player.

Aldom Tue 01-Feb-22 09:18:48


Will give it another go but disappointing. The staff and pupils seemed unbelievable to me.

I agree. I turned off after about 30 minutes.

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Feb-22 10:24:51

Again underwhelmed. I would not like such a slapper looking after my children. I will watch tonight's episode and see if it improves. There are 4 episodes in total.

EllanVannin Tue 01-Feb-22 10:27:56

I can't watch anything like that anyway.

Doodledog Tue 01-Feb-22 10:30:16


Have we not moved on from sexist language like that?

I'm not saying she had an exemplary life, but that would have been true if she had been a man - in fact the married man sniffing round her was far from perfect too.

henetha Tue 01-Feb-22 10:36:50

I hope there aren't many teachers like her! I'm going to give it another go as surely there must be more to her character than how she was portrayed, and maybe they are trying to make a point. And I do like Sheridan Smith.

Yammy Tue 01-Feb-22 10:40:38

Must admit when I taught I would have been hauled over the coals for looking like she does and coming to work smelling of booze.
One head I had made all the young ones cover their tattoos with Elastoplast if they showed.
Getting mixed up with a teenager, I think we usually expect young woman older man and I have known that situation on a number of occasions.
When DD was in the sixth form she often came home and said Mr? a married teacher was at a certain nightclub. One of her friends was reputedly involved with him.
I suppose the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", a good teacher doesn't always fit the stereotype we oldies have of them.
I still don't think it is professional or sets a good example though . I'll give tonights episode a try.

Doodledog Tue 01-Feb-22 10:41:16

I hope this one doesn't peter out, or become less and less credible, as so many recent dramas have done. I'm not sure that I trust the rival for the HOD role (can't remember her name), and wonder if she is going to be behind a smear campaign. That might be too obvious though. Also, the married man she was meant to be meeting didn't turn up - where was he when whatever happened was happening?

Lip56 Tue 01-Feb-22 12:37:01

I tried to give it a good go, but after 35 mins switched over … I know people rave about her being brill actress, but I personally fail to see it.

Sashabel Tue 01-Feb-22 13:01:24

I was also one those who turned over after 30 minutes. The character she portrayed was just so annoying. It was nice to see Kelvin Fletcher back on our screens in an acting role though

Calendargirl Tue 01-Feb-22 13:41:22

Have just seen on another review from one of the tabloids that ‘no teacher in the land would go to work in a skirt that short’.

I couldn’t possibly comment.

Grandmabatty Tue 01-Feb-22 13:45:12

I've never known an English teacher who had time to go to a nightclub!! Preparation and marking took up every evening and most of the weekends!

Calendargirl Tue 01-Feb-22 22:05:21

Another disappointing episode. The story jumped about from one scene to another, Jenna’s character comes across as a caricature, most of the cast seem extremely unlikeable.

Totally unrealistic and unbelievable.

Jane43 Tue 01-Feb-22 22:14:57

My thoughts as well Calendargirl I find Jenna’s character very unlikeable. Sheridan is a very talented actress but this role isn’t doing her any favours.

Doodledog Tue 01-Feb-22 22:18:58

I can't stop looking at her upper lip. She's obviously had fillers and it looks awful.

I'm still enjoying it, and my chief suspect is still the other candidate for the HOD job. I'm not sure that anyone would admit to a sex crime if they weren't sure they'd committed it, but I suppose if she had no memory of the night and genuinely didn't know what happened, she might have wanted to spare Kyle the ordeal of giving evidence.