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House Of Sand And Fog - Amazon Prime

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Jane43 Fri 01-Apr-22 18:40:09

This is a very powerful film starring Ben Kingsley who gives an amazing performance. He is an Iranian ex army officer who brings his wife and son to the USA and works several jobs to enable him to buy a house for his family. He buys a bargain-priced repossessed house which belonged to an American woman played by Jennifer Connelly and her brother. She is determined to get the house back and is helped by a police officer with tragic results.

MawtheMerrier Fri 01-Apr-22 19:47:32

I found this one of the most depressing films I had ever seen when I saw it years and years ago at the Castle in Wellingborough.
I had gone with friends from my book club and over drinks afterwards (in the hope of cheering ourselves up) we agreed we had all found it bleak beyond belief!
Good luck!

Doodledog Fri 01-Apr-22 21:06:56

I think it's an excellent film that explores the nature of land ownership in a sensitive way. You can't help but ask yourself who has a moral right to the land, and of course they all do, and nobody does.

I agree that it's very powerful, and recommend it, although I agree with Maw that it's not a laugh a minute.

Jane43 Fri 01-Apr-22 22:39:17

It’s a tragedy, an art form that dates back to the Greeks. It wouldn’t suit me if all films were sweetness and light but I realise it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.