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The Crown. Gave up cater Season 2.

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snowberryZ Wed 06-Apr-22 14:05:30

I realise I'm very late to the party when it comes to watching The Crown, but have finally got round to watching it and was thoroughly enjoying binge watching it.

But why oh why did they have to change all the cast in Season 3?

I thought The Queen in Seasons 1 & 2 was perfectly cast. Everything was spot on. The voice, the cool haughtiness, mix of delicate and strong.
Young Princess Margaret and Prince Phillip were great too and really entertaining to watch.

I was really looking forward to watching the whole series but only managed two episodes of Season 3 before giving up.

Olivia Coleman might be good in other things, but is completely wrong as the Queen. She has a clunky washerwoman vibe about her.
Older PP has about as much charisma as a plank of wood.
and Princess Margaret is all wrong.

Apparently they didn't want to continue to use young actors?
But as far as I'm concerned the younger actors were brilliant.
They could have made them up to look older, surely? Maybe padded the Queen out a bit as well (to denote middle aged spread)
I would have even been willing to stick a load of crumpled-up clingfilm on the TV, to mimic facial lines grin
They shouldn't have changed all the actors.

Why did they fix something that wasn't broken?
Gonna have to find something else to watch nowconfusedgrin

snowberryZ Wed 06-Apr-22 14:06:13

After Season 2.

Jane43 Wed 06-Apr-22 14:12:00

I didn’t give up but was so disappointed when Clare Foy, Vanessa Kirby and Matt Smith were replaced as they were wonderful in their roles. I agree about Olivia Coleman as well, she was completely wrong for the part.

snowberryZ Wed 06-Apr-22 14:41:34

There may have been a part for Olivia Coleman in The Crown but not as The Queen.
Agree that Clare Foy was brilliant.