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Linden Lea

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BigBertha1 Mon 02-May-22 09:17:24

I heard a new and charming recording of this on Classic FM yesterday morning. It was beautiful and reminded me of primary school where we sang this regularly as well as Fairest Isle. Did you sing this and other lovely songs which seem almost forgotten now?

henetha Mon 02-May-22 10:03:00

Yes, I remember this lovely song very well, BigBertha1. I was in the school choir. The words are beautiful. I also liked "All in the April morning" And "Greensleeves".... and so many half-forgotten others.

henetha Mon 02-May-22 10:04:34

Still trying to remember.... Jesu, joy of man's desiring...
Over the sea to Skye.....can you recall any others?

Callistemon21 Mon 02-May-22 10:11:10

The Ash Grove
Bobby Shafto
Over the Sea to Skye
Molly Malone

A whole host of songs from all over the British Isles plus Frère Jacques, Sur le Pont d'Avignon (in French, of course!)

BlueSapphire Mon 02-May-22 10:25:00

Almost the first song I really remember hearing was "All in the April Evening", sung by my DM.
Remember Linden Lea as well.. Also:

Early one morning
The Keel Row
Skye Boat Song
Darling Clementine
The Drunken Sailor
Yankee Doodle
Donkey Riding(?)
Ye Banks and Braes
The Last Rose of Summer
Loch Lomond
Londonderry Air.

Our music lessons at grammar school just consisted of going through a songbook of national airs and folk songs. Until we had a new young enthusiastic music teacher who introduced some of us to the GCE music syllabus - I felt as though a whole new world had opened up for me.

Cabbie21 Mon 02-May-22 11:19:15

I learned all these songs at junior school, then learned to play them( badly) on the violin.
I too heard that lovely version of Linden Lea on Classic fm and was surprised to learn it was by Vaughan Williams. I have sung it a few times in one of my choirs.

Jubilato Mon 02-May-22 11:37:25


Grandmabatty Mon 02-May-22 12:18:27

Oh they built the ship Titanic. With a very odd chorus. 'it was sad, it was sad, it was sad when that great ship went down. Husbands and wives, little children lost their lives. It was sad when that great ship went down. All at a jaunty beat!
Walking to the fair, me and Moll Maloney