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Calendargirl Mon 09-May-22 09:23:29

Didn’t watch it, but just read that the lovely Sean Bean won a top award for his role in ‘Time’.

Well deserved.

Redhead56 Mon 09-May-22 12:23:21

Started watching it but soon got bored with the same old spiel. Very pleased to hear Sean Bean received an award he is a wonderful actor.

dolphindaisy Mon 09-May-22 16:11:00

I don't normally watch award shows because the people I want to win usually don't but I was delighted both Sean Bean and Jodi Comer won a BAFTA. The brilliant Sean Bean is excellent in any role he plays and I love Jodie Comer. She deserved the award for her perfomance in Help but also has a BAFTA for Killing Eve. I never missed an episode of Killing Eve, it takes a very good actor to make a ruthless assassin thoroughly likeable, something Jodie achieved