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Dame Olivia Newton John Rip

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Grandmabatty Mon 08-Aug-22 20:41:32

I just saw this on twitter. She was a lovely woman, inside and out.

Jaffacake2 Tue 09-Aug-22 07:26:05

She was stunning in Grease so beautiful, and very slim in those iconic black trousers ! Gone too soon.

Joseanne Tue 09-Aug-22 07:34:13

Very sad indeed.

DD wanted to go as Sandy to a party once and I paid a fortune to have her hair styled with lots of curling and back combing.

DanniRae Tue 09-Aug-22 07:35:28

I was so sad and shocked when I read the news about Olivia. Grease is one of my favourite films and she was amazing as Sandy sad

FannyCornforth Tue 09-Aug-22 07:38:37

John Travolta’s tribute to Olivia was absolutely beautiful

Cherrytree59 Tue 09-Aug-22 07:55:33

So sad ?
Grease, the movie and the soundtracks were huge part of teenage years.

Rememeber having to queue round the block, just to get in to the Cinema.

RIP Olivia ?

CatsCatsCats Tue 09-Aug-22 09:47:13

Stockard Channing paid a great tribute to her, calling her "the essence of summer".

Foxyferret Wed 10-Aug-22 11:34:43

So sad about both ladies, Judith Durham had the most beautiful voice, I have several Seekers albums on vinyl. I have read she is being given a state funeral. Also my favourite Olivia song is I Honestly Love You. So sad about her health.

Pammie1 Wed 10-Aug-22 12:00:12


So sad.
Think it was metastatic breast cancer.
Frightening how it can come back years layer, even though you think you're cured.
Cancer is a horrible thing.

There were a few newspaper articles announcing that ONJ had passed away but no specific details - only that the breast cancer had resurfaced in 2017, so I think it’s likely the cause. She was such a lovely person and a dedicated campaigner - may she rest in peace. So sad - 73 is no age.

I agree with you about the fear of recurrence, but can I offer a little hope in the form of my mum. She has now had breast cancer three times - the first being diagnosed in 1986, and has still reached the grand old age of 91. She had a lumpectomy in 1986, followed by radiotherapy and a five year course of Tamoxifen. She was cancer free until 2003, when she had a resurgence and underwent a partial mastectomy in 2003. She had had a lifetime dose of radiation the first time round and chemo wasn’t appropriate but she followed up the mastectomy with a five year course of Anastrazole and has remained cancer free until a third tumour was diagnosed a few weeks ago.

At the age of 91, and with advanced vascular dementia, mum’s now too frail for any form of treatment other than hormone therapy - luckily the biopsy revealed that the cancer was Oestrogen Receptor Positive and will hopefully respond to Letrazole, which she’s just started. The aim is not to cure, but to slow things down and make it more comfortable for her, and I’m not expecting miracles, but she’s a fighter, and 36 years after her initial diagnosis, she’s still here.

albertina Wed 10-Aug-22 12:02:40

I have said "Oh No ! " three times recently - Bernard Cribbins, Judith Durham and now lovely Olivia Newton John.

I was very much in love when Grease came out and just loved listening to her singing. Such a brave woman.

trays Wed 10-Aug-22 12:58:22

R..I.P Olivia

Tinydancer Wed 10-Aug-22 13:12:34

RIP Olivia. I've never heard a bad word about her. Brave beautiful lady. Soundtrack to my younger self.

Rosina Wed 10-Aug-22 14:48:57

Yes Tinydancer - I feel just the same.

Yammy Wed 10-Aug-22 15:20:48

Her smile and courage gave everyone with cancer the hope to go on. So sad.

essjay Thu 11-Aug-22 10:19:00

was so lucky to have seen her in concert at manchester apollo/O2 in 2013. Fantastic show. Loved by everyone. Grease was the first film i saw with my (now ex) husband. R.I.P courageous lady

Kryptonite Sun 14-Aug-22 20:34:10

Pammie1 THANK YOU for the breast cancer good news story about your mum. So great to hear that for those of us who have been part of this club! I wish her and you all the very best. xx

Pammie1 Tue 16-Aug-22 20:12:02


Pammie1 THANK YOU for the breast cancer good news story about your mum. So great to hear that for those of us who have been part of this club! I wish her and you all the very best. xx

Thank you for your good wishes, it’s much appreciated. She’s doing OK at the moment. We’ve been told to look out for side effects from the Letrazole, apparently some can be quite unpleasant, but so far so good. Unfortunately she’s not strong enough to have the imaging and scans necessary to stage the cancer or check on spread, so it’s down to being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious. Taking each day as it comes.