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The Gold - BBC Drama

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Chestnut Sun 12-Feb-23 14:11:44

Starting tonight, this is all about the Brink's-Mat bullion robbery from Heathrow in 1983. The stolen gold made its way into the market and it is said that anyone wearing gold jewellery bought in the UK after 1983 is probably wearing some of the stolen gold. Hugh Bonneville stars. Anyone else watching?

Poppyred Sun 12-Feb-23 14:19:51

Will record and watch another time. Thanks

Chardy Sun 12-Feb-23 14:24:13

About 5 minutes ago, I put the timer on to record the series!

Calendargirl Sun 12-Feb-23 16:09:26

I shall give it a go after CTM.

Hope it’s good.

Sarah75 Sun 12-Feb-23 16:22:01

Will it fill the void of Happy Valley?! smile

62Granny Sun 12-Feb-23 16:29:28

I was thinking when I seen this advertised it is probably the last actual robbery ( on a big scale) that has happened, you don't hear about things like this happening now as most robbery type crime is cyber. Although the scale of this robbery was accidental they didn't know the gold was there.

tanith Sun 12-Feb-23 17:39:31

I'll watch it on catchup when there is nothing on.

merlotgran Sun 12-Feb-23 17:42:57

Catch up for me as well.

Urmstongran Sun 12-Feb-23 17:46:03

Think I’ll tune in tonight. 😊
I love a good drama.

ParlorGames Sun 12-Feb-23 17:47:11


Will it fill the void of Happy Valley?! smile

Probably not. Big shoes to fill don't you think???

Doodledog Sun 12-Feb-23 18:59:03



Will it fill the void of Happy Valley?! smile

Probably not. Big shoes to fill don't you think???

Yes, I feel a bit sorry for Gold grin.

I have set the thingy to record, and will watch it live if I've finished my Sunday chores and got organised in time.

karmalady Sun 12-Feb-23 19:08:20

No. It sounds too violent for an easy watch before bed

Chestnut Sun 12-Feb-23 23:45:55

Well I watched it and thought it was brilliant. No violence and nothing to fault at all. Great acting, great atmosphere. Hugh Bonneville brings a touch of class to everything he is in, and I thought Jack Lowden who played Kenneth Noye was very good too. He had attitude. I don't want to give too much away, but I think it's a great replacement for Happy Valley although different because true crime dramas are always more grounded.

vegansrock Mon 13-Feb-23 05:03:07

There’s a BBC sounds podcast series called Gangsters which tells the story of this robbery. It’s amazing some of them got away with it for so long and were living the high life in Tenerife from the proceeds of this and Timeshare scams. Worth a listen. I will catch up with Gold at some stage. I love Hugh Bonneville.

Calendargirl Mon 13-Feb-23 07:20:52

Lots of characters, I was a bit confused as to who was who.

Joseanne Mon 13-Feb-23 07:53:28

A lot of flitting about to set the scene and introduce everyone. Hard going for me,(impatient), but OK ish.

Chestnut Mon 13-Feb-23 09:32:39

The first episode is always a bit confusing with new characters being introduced. I think most of them have been established, and the role they play. Things will become clearer. That bar of gold certainly had a starring role in the first episode! It was stunning. I wonder what it is worth.

CatsCatsCats Mon 13-Feb-23 09:36:09

I hadn't a clue what was going on in the first 10 minutes then my daughter rang up so I totally lost concentration. From what I saw it was a dreadfully poor substitute for Happy Valley.

Haven't given it much of a change, I admit.

Greyduster Mon 13-Feb-23 09:40:13

I watched it, and yes, it has big shoes to fill, but it got off to a good start. Hugh Bonneville will certainly carry it, and Jack Lowden is a very different character to his role in Slow Horses.

Forsythia Mon 13-Feb-23 09:43:50

I thought it was good. I wasn’t a happy valley viewer so am not comparing it with that. It has good potential I thought.

Chestnut Mon 13-Feb-23 10:11:52

Why are people comparing it with Happy Valley or suggesting is as a 'substitute' when there is no connection? This is a real life drama which makes it much more grounded. The first episode requires concentration as new characters are introduced.

Doodledog Mon 13-Feb-23 11:17:36

Presumably because it comes hot on the heels of one of the best dramas for years, which was screened at the same time?

Of course it is a different premise, but it's natural to compare it to what you were watching at the same time the week before. I started to watch it, but gave up half way through. I have recorded it though, and will probably go back to it at some point.

Chestnut Tue 14-Feb-23 17:25:28

Just to say, all six episodes are on BBC iPlayer and I've watched the second one. Wow, so very clever how both the gold and the money made from it is moved around and spirited away, so neither even exists within a couple of months! You would never think that was possible. You imagine this was carefully planned but it certainly wasn't because they only expected to get £1 million, not £27 million.

Sparklefizz Tue 14-Feb-23 18:03:55

You imagine this was carefully planned but it certainly wasn't because they only expected to get £1 million, not £27 million.

And they expected cash not gold bars.

I remember it well and actually saw those apartments in the mid 80s in Tenerife that John Palmer developed. However, I disagree with the way the script politicised what was an astonishing stand-alone story of a crime.

I watched the documentary a couple of weeks ago which didn't glamorise the villains, especially making Kenneth Noye out to be a bit "Jack the Lad" when he was a vicious hardened criminal.

Chestnut Wed 15-Feb-23 00:06:28

Yes I heard that about Kenneth Noye, but so far I haven't seen any evidence of him being portrayed as a Jack the Lad. He seems clever, manipulative and somewhat ruthless to me. He did of course murder two people later on don't forget. He was tied into the road rage incident and also with the Hatton Garden job, so has a very interesting story (all on Wiki).

I thought the melting of the pure, beautiful gold bars along with coins and cheap gold in order to make them so ugly was quite heart-breaking.