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The couple next door

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travelsafar Wed 06-Dec-23 16:03:48

Just finished this....all episodes on catch up.
Something different but a strange ending. Anyone else agree???

Shinamae Wed 06-Dec-23 16:06:11

I totally agree..🤔

honeyrose Wed 06-Dec-23 16:21:56

I haven’t seen the ending yet - so thanks for not spoiling it completely! I am enjoying it though, but it is a bit dark at times.

Sparklefizz Wed 06-Dec-23 16:25:40

I gave up with it but may go back to it if it seems worth it.

Beechnut Wed 06-Dec-23 16:36:22

I’m watching. Two possibly three different stories going on. I’m not binging so am wondering how they all match up.

Charleygirl5 Thu 07-Dec-23 13:58:02

I was unsure to start with but I am now enjoying it. Thanks for not revealing the ending. A lot of decent dramas have been spoiled by the ending.

Debbi58 Thu 07-Dec-23 16:02:42

I've not watched it myself but my 83 year old mother is enjoying the saucy bits ( her words )

granfromafar Fri 08-Dec-23 17:02:46

I was surprised there wasn't a thread about this before now. I binged watched it so know the ending. The worst part was that it obviously wasn't Leeds where the filming was done, yet it was set in Leeds. Apparently filming was done in the Netherlands, though why I don't know.
If no one has watched it yet, I wouldn't bother!

honeyrose Sat 09-Dec-23 16:13:19

I thought that it didn’t look like an English suburban road/avenue/what have you. The houses are absolutely gorgeous - not that English houses can’t be as gorgeous - but it reminds me of American houses. Very stylish - and expensive! I’ve still got one episode to go!

Oldbat1 Sat 09-Dec-23 19:47:38

I havent watched it yet but may give it a go as i really like Sam Heughan. (Jamie in Outlander if anyone watches that. I watched Outlander until it changed channels so i couldnt continue to watch it).

Delila Fri 15-Dec-23 16:06:48

I thought it was a load of old twaddle - was it meant to be a comedy?

Greenfinch Fri 15-Dec-23 16:14:08

I watched it to the end but wished I hadn’t bothered. I thought the acting of the main female characters was poor and the story line was not engaging. I couldn’t sympathise with any of the characters and the ending was just bizarre.

Beechnut Fri 15-Dec-23 17:01:19

I thought at the end that it all went rather flat. Perhaps there will be another series?

MayBee70 Fri 15-Dec-23 19:58:24

I hadn’t realised it was Sam. Or Demelza from Poldark!

merlotgran Fri 15-Dec-23 20:01:35

The ending was pure farce.

vegansrock Fri 15-Dec-23 21:55:29

The Dutch series on which this was based is much better it’s on All4 called Swingers.

LadyGracie Fri 15-Dec-23 23:15:16

I couldn't watch it, it made me cringe.