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fizzers Sat 17-Aug-19 15:04:22

Does anyone else binge watch programmes?

My friend tells me the second series of MINDHUNTERS is now available on Netflix, I shall binge watch as many episodes as I can.

I must admit that the ability to to download and watch a whole series on Sky and on Netflix has gotten me into this habit - Sky Atlantic and Sky Witness have had some pretty good series on recently

Charleygirl5 Sat 17-Aug-19 15:59:38

I tried it with Line of Duty but I kept falling asleep after the 2nd episode. I do want to watch it all again but I think I may have to watch one episode a day and that way I am unlikely to forget what I saw the previous day.

Pantglas1 Sat 17-Aug-19 16:02:41

I’ve been blitzing The Good Wife which has 7 seasons and I’m only half way through!

tanith Sat 17-Aug-19 16:05:42

I binge watched GOT early this year but now I’m waiting for someone to put the last series where I can watch it. 🤣

Also watched all the new series of Keeping Faith as I found it frustrating watching it weekly but I actually wish they’d stop putting the whole of a new series of things available on the iPlayer. Is actually better having something I actually want to watch week by week.

willa45 Sat 17-Aug-19 16:23:22

DH and I are consummate Binge Watchers. We look forward to all the new episodes/seasons which we often accompany with treats and popcorn!

Lately we've seen Poldark, Outlander, The Handmade's Tale and The Good Fight (Sequel to The Good Wife) with much excitement. Love all those fascinating stories!

Nico97 Sat 17-Aug-19 16:33:30

Oh yes - currently working through Life in Pieces grin

merlotgran Sat 17-Aug-19 16:42:56

Just binge watched Keeping Faith.

merlotgran Sat 17-Aug-19 16:43:38

The Crown is a huge weakness late at night. I think we've managed a three hour stint.

Pantglas1 Sat 17-Aug-19 16:58:02

Thanks willa45 for letting me know that The Good Fight is the sequel to The Good Wife otherwise I’d have missed it!

I’m going re visit The Crown 1&2 before the next series in November Merlotgran, just to get me in the mood!

Calendargirl Sat 17-Aug-19 17:40:33

I must be old fashioned, quite happy to watch things week by week. Don’t think I would want to watch a three hour stint of anything Merlotgran, but each to their own.

mumofmadboys Sat 17-Aug-19 17:55:37

I have been watching the new series Deep Water. Seen 4 of them,2 to go.Am really enjoying it.

fizzers Sat 17-Aug-19 18:11:00

Last year, or maybe the year before that, I started watching series 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix, I started at lunchtime on a Saturday and watched them all that day.... Did the same with series 3 but forced myself to watch over 2 days.

I also watched series 1-4 of Line of Duty over 2 weeks before the new series started.

BlueBelle Sat 17-Aug-19 18:32:55

I don’t normally but trying to catch up Keeping Faith and Deep water and couldn’t put either down so am binge watching the lot in between sleeping and doing 😂😂

GagaJo Sat 17-Aug-19 19:08:51

I have a particular penchant for Swedish or French tv, so LOVE the Walter Presents section of Channel 4 online. I've binged a few series on there. I like things that aren't too related to daily UK life for the escapism so it does very nicely.

HAVE watched Handmaids Tale and Keeping Faith, although like others, find all the moody intense lolling about and meaningful music tiring.

KatyK Sat 17-Aug-19 19:18:13

Yes we binge watch. We've just binge watched The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Both old but great (in my opinion).

Barmeyoldbat Sat 17-Aug-19 19:25:36

I have found a programme called Orangutang Jungle School and can't get enough of it.

GagaJo Sat 17-Aug-19 19:28:09

Oooh KatyK Breaking Bad...

I might have to rewatch that! Walter White was a crush of mine for the longest time! I even made my bloke wear a Heisenberg t-shirt.

willa45 Sat 17-Aug-19 22:47:58

Oops! I just now realized that I misspelled "The Handmaid's Tale".
Instead I wrote 'Handmade's'.. It could have been worse.,,, I could have written "Handmade Tail" grin

Once again, it's one of the many reasons we need an Edit button!!!

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 17-Aug-19 23:21:09


Have another go with Line of Duty. I've recently binged watched Series 1 - Series 4. Brilliant. Love Series 3. Keely Hawes - amazing.

Please stick with it.

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 17-Aug-19 23:23:46

So agree. The times I look back and think sugar !

Admin - please lets have an edit button. `please

paddyann Sat 17-Aug-19 23:35:28

currently binge watching Manifest and The Blacklist ,Blacklist is quite violent so Manifest to break it up a bit

KatyK Sun 18-Aug-19 11:50:35

Gagajo My DH has watched Breaking Bad before and is watching it again with me. He got obsessed with it first time and had a couple of t shirts. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I like it.

Eloethan Sun 18-Aug-19 12:16:03

We have recently binge watched a few series, sometimes staying up until the early hours of the morning to "just see the next one". Some have been very good and well worth the effort but others have left us feeling "why have we wasted so much time and gone to bed so late just to watch this rather disappointing series".

Now, if I start to watch something I'm not particularly enjoying I don't invest any more time in it. But, on the whole, I think I prefer watching a series week by week rather than binge watching.

crystaltipps Sun 18-Aug-19 12:30:20

Has anyone watched Swingers on Walter Presents All4? It’s about a couple who move in next door to another couple’s Dutch - now there’s a 3rd series which I’m really looking forward to watching. Also can’t wait for series 3 of the Crown on Netflix, currently engrossed in Orange is the New Black last series with all of the old characters in it. Too much to watch!

GagaJo Sun 18-Aug-19 15:55:58

Yes, crystaltips I've binged all 3 series of Swingers. Hope you enjoy series 3!