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Audible. Does anyone subscribe to it?

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MayBee70 Tue 18-Jan-22 02:52:45

Just found a podcast I want to listen to but it’s on audible. I can get a 30 day free trial but after that I have to pay. Is it audio books as well as podcasts? Given that I seem to listen to podcast more than read these days I might give it a go. Then again there are always lots of things to listen to on BBC Sounds….

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 03:13:05

Yes! Me!
I love Audible, but I’m more an audiobook person.
I listen on my Amazon Echo Show.
Annoyingly you can’t listen to the Audible podcasts on Echo, you have to use the app.
I find that it’s good value and you can return your books if you email them.

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 03:13:53

Yes, there’s 1000s of books on there. Brilliant readers too.

Mollygo Tue 18-Jan-22 03:14:10

Yes I do. I listen to lots of audio books, on the way to/from work, on long trips, doing housework and when I can’t sleep. Give it a try for 30 days.

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 03:25:09

I’ve just looked at my Audible profile, and I have 227 titles shock

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 03:25:44

Which books have been your favourites Molly?

NotAGran55 Tue 18-Jan-22 08:25:28

I have the annual subscription to audible and love it. They have recently added a huge library of free books too which has introduced me to new authors I wouldn’t have previously known of. I have it on constantly.

Their customer service is excellent and generous too. They gave me 2 free credits yesterday as they couldn’t answer a question smile after I returned a book that I couldn’t get on with.

I have it in addition to the Libby app.

Mollygo Tue 18-Jan-22 08:39:31

My favourites-first I got all the Georgette Heyer regency books. I remembered reading them and I loved listening to them. Harry Potter meant DH liked to listen too. Sue Grafton’s ABC murders I fell into by accident. I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, and Maeve Binchy. I have lots of others but those are ones I have listened to most often.
What are your favourites FC?

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 09:09:14

Thank you Molly
I’m obsessed with an author called Anne de Courcey.
She writes non fiction, but in such an interesting way that it’s compelling in a way that fiction is.
I have all of her books, apart from the one about Snowden.
My favourites are:

1939: The Last Season (read by Maggie Ollerenshaw - brilliant)

The Husband Hunters (read by Clare Corbett - equally brilliant)

The Fishing Fleet (Greta Sachi)

In the same historical vein ‘Take Six Girls’ about The Mitford Sisters by Laura Thompson.

Honourable mentions to
Agatha Christie’s especially if read by Richard E Grant.
If I’m listening to fiction I prefer short stories, because I like to listen when I’m trying to or supposed to be asleep.

And in a totally different vein
‘And what do you do?’ about the RF (incredibly interesting)

‘The Assault of Truth’ by Peter Oborne (about Boris Johnson, and to a lesser extent Trump)

I could go on, in fact I’ll probably come back later with more, but definitely look into Anne de Courcey x

Luckygirl3 Tue 18-Jan-22 09:11:34

What is the annual sub?

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 09:21:34

7.99 for one credit a month
14.99 for two credits a month
109.00 for 24 credits a year (I have this one)

But as I said earlier, you can return your books, and then reuse your credits.
They often have 2 for 1 sales, and £2.99 sales. (For members)
And as Molly said, they have lots of free content for members too

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 09:22:35

Sorry, it was NotAGran who mentioned the free library

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 09:29:11

I’ve just thought of more!

Just William with Martin Jarvis (of course)

Mapp and Lucia

The Diary of a Provincial Lady series

Anything by Wodehouse, but must be read by Jonathan Cecil, no one else

I’ve definitely got a ‘period’!

Franbern Tue 18-Jan-22 09:33:23

I love Audible books. Have headphones so that I can listen to these in bed, without worrying as to whether the sound is too loud (take my hearing aids out at night). The readers are, most of them, quite incredible and it is more like listening to a play. It is my luxury. I take out an annual subscription for 12 credits. Occasionally, treat myself to a couple more.

I can take these headphones (as they work via wifi from my smartphone), with me when staying overnight anywhere.

I like the genre of historical detective stories and recently came across a wonderful author called Ann Swinfen. Six books in her 14th century Oxford mysteries. I was devastated when, last weekend, searching to see when the seventh in the series would be published to find out that she had died a year ago, so no more forthcoming

Pammie1 Tue 18-Jan-22 09:35:03

Yes. I’ve built up quite a library of audiobooks. I listen via Alexa on Echoshow and have the app on my phone and ipad and even via the Alexa app in the car. I do find I’m getting though books a lot faster though because there’s no need to find the time to sit and read - I can listen whilst pottering round the house. I love it.

Blossoming Tue 18-Jan-22 09:41:44

Yes, I use it a lot. There’s a lot of free content and many unabridged books, which I prefer.

Juno56 Tue 18-Jan-22 10:28:42

Yes, I love it. My daughter bought me some credits after I had an operation on my eye a few years ago and couldn't read, I was hooked.
I have the annual plan, £69.99 for 12 credits. There are frequent members' sales on selected titles and every day a Daily Deal on a popular title for £1.99 or £2.99. Plus there is a large collection of titles that are free for members to borrow. Do take up the free trial I'm sure you won't regret it. X

Luckygirl3 Tue 18-Jan-22 10:29:31

Does a credit equal one book?

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 10:40:03

Yes. And you can buy 3 extra credits at a time for £16
Or you can buy one book for £7.99
It sounds complicated but it’s not really! smile
Some books last c20 hours, so it’s remarkable value

Doodledog Tue 18-Jan-22 11:06:38

I find that I amass credits and don't listen to the books quickly enough to spend them. I currently have 6 credits, and a backlog of books. If I cancel I will lose the credits, and if I wait to find six things I want to listen to there will be more, as obviously a new one joins the backlog every month.

I like the idea of listening in bed, but when you fall asleep the book keeps playing and you can't find your place to go back to it the next night.

Boz Tue 18-Jan-22 12:04:38


You can set a sleep timer. I go for about 10 mins then it will stop and the phone closes.
Fanny C. has set it all out; all I would add if that you can't make a habit of returning.
Bargains to be had. Reading A Gentleman in Moscow for £1 and had 50 odd hours of Edward Rutherfurd's Russka for £3.
Highly recommended and it saves your eyesight as you grow older.

Boz Tue 18-Jan-22 12:14:48

Thanks for mentioning The Fishing Fleet. Forgotten I wanted to read that!
I am going through Jane Gardem's books; also have all the Jarvis/William books.
I like the way you can pre-book new releases. Down for the new Donna Leon Venice book early March.

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 12:22:07

Boz you can’t easily return on the website, but if you email them there’s never a problem ( well, not for me, so far…🤞 )
I do spend a fortune with them though, as I often buy the audiobooks that I already have on my kindle - the are often just a couple of quid

Boz Tue 18-Jan-22 12:31:36

You are a VIP customer Fanny and the easy return is your perk and good luck with that!

Mollygo Tue 18-Jan-22 12:32:54

I read this morning that books you buy with credits are yours to keep even if you cancel. Does that mean you’d lose the books you buy on special offer if you cancel?