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Coronation Street- continued.

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Calendargirl Thu 31-Mar-22 06:45:06

New thread required, old one full.

Aveline Thu 31-Mar-22 07:05:58

Glad you started a new one. Always plenty to discuss re Corrie.
Suggestion: are Steve and Tracy going to be the new Jack and Vera?

BlueBelle Thu 31-Mar-22 07:43:26

Do you think it’s going to come out about Abbie and Imran and his marriage breaks up then they find out it’s not his at all
Ohhh poor Imran if that happens I even missed the night she and he did the dirty how did it come about?

vegansrock Thu 31-Mar-22 07:45:33

I didn’t realise the old one was full here’s my comments on latest storylines- Sally and Tim - get a room - or at least have the b*lls to tell Elaine to move out. I don’t believe Sally wouldn’t just confront her.
I knew Imran would fight for custody of the baby, but he’s got to tell Toyah first - since when did she become as dull as ditchwater?
Who is interested in Summer’s revision? are Billy- Todd- Paul in a threesome now? Who is with who? I’ve lost track I thought they’d all fallen out. What’s the betting she has to do retakes to drag it out for another year?
I agree Steve and Tracey are the new comedy couple along with Sally and Tim.
I’m not remotely interested in Faye/Craig/Emma is anyone?

sodapop Thu 31-Mar-22 09:02:20

Yes why did Todd suddenly appear in Billy's flat? I agree with you about Emma, Craig and Faye vegansrock they are a tiresome threesome.

I enjoy the scenes with Sam & Roy.

honeyrose Thu 31-Mar-22 09:02:34

I’m getting a bit fed up of the constant sexual innuendo between Sally and Tim. It’s all a bit much for me and it’s being overdone.

Elless Thu 31-Mar-22 10:00:23

Most of the storylines drag on too long and become farcical. I remember someone posting that Abi's baby could need a blood transfusion and they discover he was Kevin's all along - that would be a good storyline.

Kim19 Thu 31-Mar-22 10:26:14

Would Imran be interested if the baby were a girl?

Grannynannywanny Thu 31-Mar-22 10:44:26

All the small terraced houses in the street apparently have umpteen bedrooms upstairs. Eileen can fill hers with any amount of lodgers without being overcrowded. Chesney and Gemma have 5 children and mother in law no problem. But Sally and Tim don’t appear to have any bedroom and the only place they can have an amorous encounter is downstairs when Elaine has popped out for a pint of milk. It’s turned into Carry On Corrie this week.

BlueBelle Thu 31-Mar-22 13:24:40

Kim that’s a bit below the belt
Imran seems very happy with little Elsie whose constantLy in the bedroom so why what’s the inplication in your post ?

Aveline Thu 31-Mar-22 13:30:27

Where's Evelyn? I see Fiz's house is for sale. Maybe her plans for the big new house will be scuppered as Phil's lost his job. What would Evelyn do? Where would she go? Where is Tyrone living? So many questions!

Grannynannywanny Thu 31-Mar-22 13:39:37

I’m still wondering if there’s going to be a twist to the story with Fiz and Phil. He’s a bit too good to be true. Now he’s lost his job and might be relying on Fiz’s cash from the house sale.

Kim19 Thu 31-Mar-22 13:46:57

Full apologies if you think that BB. Unintentional on my part. Just the man with sons to carry on the family name bloodline etc was on my mind. He does repeatedly say 'my son' with absolute fervency and that caught my attention and interest I guess.

BlueBelle Thu 31-Mar-22 14:06:02

Ok Kim it could have been a more serious remark as some cultures prefer boys but I see where you’re coming from now

I know a Belgian man who insists his son was his child and the baby girl they lost was his wife’s I was sooooo angry with him but was getting kicked under the table before I opened my big mouth ?

Calendargirl Fri 01-Apr-22 07:20:23

So many characters not been in much lately, Yasmeen, Aliah, her brother whose name escapes me, Stu, Evelyn, ….
not that I miss them as those storylines were poor also.

Do they get paid when they aren’t featured for several weeks, or are they on a sort of retainer?

And we don’t see much of Eileen, George, Brian and Cathy either.

Sarnia Fri 01-Apr-22 08:22:39

I was very surprised to see Todd looking all cosy in Billy's flat. I thought him and Summer were never going to bother with him again.

Aveline Fri 01-Apr-22 20:09:44

The wheel will spin and those others will have the spotlight on them too. It's a massive cast they can't all be featured all the time. I suspect Covid limited numbers too.

nexus63 Fri 01-Apr-22 20:19:32

we need new people in corrie as imran and emma are leaving.

Calendargirl Fri 01-Apr-22 20:43:51

Thought we saw some brilliant acting from Toyah just now.

Really felt her pain.


sodapop Fri 01-Apr-22 21:05:35

Yes I did too Calendargirl she tries so hard and nothing works out for her.
Imran is leaving Corrie I understand.

Charleygirl5 Fri 01-Apr-22 21:29:02

So are Fiz and Emma as well as the woman who is dying whose name escapes me.

George the undertaker has signed a new contract for I think 15 months so maybe the love interest between himself and Eileen will come to something.

Aveline Fri 01-Apr-22 21:45:29

Oh good. I like Eileen and her undertaker. They're a bit of fun. Poor Toyah though. Shame her and Tyrone couldn't hook up. That would tie up a couple of loose ends!

Rosina Fri 01-Apr-22 22:28:30

They may yet, Aveline; there is no end to the imagination of the scriptwriters. Couples are constantly playing musical chairs - or perhaps beds might be a better description. How many times have Carla and Leanne been married to Peter and Nick ?I've honestly lost track. If they read this you may have given them a new plot.

Grannynannywanny Sat 02-Apr-22 07:51:59

Great acting from poor Toyah last night. Is Kevin about to tread that well worn path and set up home with Abi again? I’m almost at the stage of wishing she’d disappear into the wilderness with Imran.

Maybe it’s my suspicious mind but I keep thinking Fiz’s lovely Phil hasn’t shown his true colours yet. It’s maybe time Evelyn checked him out. I love her character.

Sarnia Sat 02-Apr-22 09:45:05

Alfie's parentage is out in the open now. Imran hopes that Abi will get custody but if she doesn't he will be able to apply because his name is on the birth certificate. He surely isn't going to hope that Toyah will accept his son into their home, is he?

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