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Mcdonald and Dodds

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travelsafar Tue 28-Jun-22 17:49:37

Anyone else watched this. It was suggested by a friend and ì am loving it. A detective series set in Bath with a twist with the two lead characters. They can be so funny at times. Gentle viewing for those who don't like heavy violence or any thing to complicated.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 28-Jun-22 17:52:50

It’s perfect innocent viewing when I am exhausted on a Sunday evening.

ElaineI Tue 28-Jun-22 18:11:40

And loving the views of Bath.

toscalily Tue 28-Jun-22 18:22:50

We watched the first series and I am enjoying the second series too and do agree the views of Bath are lovely.

Witzend Tue 28-Jun-22 18:29:31

Thanks for this. I’ve recorded but not watched it, so that’s something for later.

Stephanie48 Tue 28-Jun-22 18:30:27

I love it - saw the first series too. It’s a bit daft! The characters are interesting though.

sodapop Tue 28-Jun-22 18:50:37

I agree Stepanie48 it is daft but I am enjoying some light relief after the heavy drama of other shows and real life.

Stephanie48 Tue 28-Jun-22 19:23:12


I agree Stepanie48 it is daft but I am enjoying some light relief after the heavy drama of other shows and real life.

Yes, indeed. And I find myself smiling as I watch it - and I can rest assured there’s not going to be something nasty behind the next door they open!

Tizliz Tue 28-Jun-22 20:41:37

I love this programme but there was some awful acting, especially the race team members.

paddyann54 Tue 28-Jun-22 20:44:32

My daughter was married in Bath and watching this reminded me of what a lovely city it is.We'll try to get down that way very soon.I liked last nights story it was very entertaining

lixy Tue 28-Jun-22 20:44:53

Yes, perfect for a Sunday evening - very daft, gentle, entertaining and there are some great facial expressions

Blinko Tue 28-Jun-22 20:45:59

It's a bit Midsommer Murders set in Bath. Light, easy viewing.

RichmondPark Tue 28-Jun-22 21:05:02

My favourite show at the moment! Gentle, funny, good stories and Bath is just so beautiful. I do enjoy the relationship between McDonald and Dodds.

Aveline Tue 28-Jun-22 21:20:03

Pleasant viewing. This series seems better than the last one somehow.

LadyGracie Wed 29-Jun-22 07:08:27

It's a bit tame but I'm enjoying it.
It reminds me of Columbo for some reason, eccentric policeman maybe.

Beautful Wed 29-Jun-22 07:19:04

Watched first series, so funny & stupid at times, loved it ... this series ... even better ... makes me smile ... but ... always gets there in the end ... know its only just started ... but ... hope they do another series

cornergran Wed 29-Jun-22 07:39:08

Mr C enjoys this, I’m less keen but it does raise a smile and remind me it’s far too long since we visited Bath.

luluaugust Wed 29-Jun-22 10:03:45

We watched series one and are now stuck into series two. Ideal for Sunday evenings but mad as anything.
Also now wishing to revisit Bath

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Jun-22 10:15:50

We're enjoying it, undemanding, enjoyable entertainment.
I like the way relationship between the two detectives has developed since the first series too.

Nandalot Wed 29-Jun-22 11:26:06

We enjoy it. All the more that our first visit to Bath was a family occasion when we rented a house for 10 of us right in the centre for such a reasonable price I feared for months before we got there that it was a con. We were blown away by golden Bath. The small square where the house was located was actually used for filming on a couple of days for a scene from the first ever episode.

annsixty Wed 29-Jun-22 11:39:34

I also long now to visit Bath again and am taken by the hotel used in filming one of the first series.
Sadly it is the last place my GD would be interested in visiting.

laurent Thu 07-Jul-22 23:44:40

I just saw the first season. I am pleasantly surprised. too good and too funny.

Wyllow3 Fri 08-Jul-22 02:59:29

I just binged watched though all the series, stuck having to rest a lot atm.

Now I'm lost for an easy-going replacement. I've watched DI Ray which was also good. I dont have a smart TV so its the basics and what I can get on my Lap top. Any ideas (have done Professor T too)

GrandmasueUK Fri 08-Jul-22 05:29:12

I've been enjoying The Brokenwood Mysteries, set in New Zealand. There are seven series available now but the 8th has just finished filming. I had to watch a couple to get into them. A mixture of comedy and drama with recurring characters popping up, which does make it amusing. A bit like Midsomer Murders and I've found them quite entertaining. I think they were on the Drama channel and I downloaded them.

Sparklefizz Fri 08-Jul-22 07:25:09

Bath is beautiful and I am loving spotting locations. It's only a 15 minute drive from me, so I know it well.

McD & Dodds is a gentle programme which is just what I need in these troubling times, and I'm a great Jason Watkins fan. I like the repartee between the 2 detectives and was pleased that a 2nd series had been made.