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Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman video Q&A 14 April

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LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 09-Apr-15 22:54:13

Gransnet are delighted to be speaking to Kate Winslet about her role in new film A Little Chaos, directed by another well-loved English actor, Alan Rickman - who we'll also be putting your questions to! Want to know the ins and outs of shooting (and directing!) a period drama? Just how comfortable it is to sport a corset (even as part of a costume)?! Here's your chance. Leave your (film-related) questions for Kate and Alan on the thread by 14 April at 9am and we'll be filming their answers shortly after.

A Little Chaos re-imagines the creation of the Rockwork Grove, one small element of the Sun King, Louis XIV’s building of the magnificent Palace of Versailles. Madame Sabine De Barra (Kate Winslet) is an unlikely candidate for landscape architect of the still-to-be-completed Palace of Versailles. She has little time for the classical, ordered designs of the man who hires her, the famous architect Le Nôtre (Matthias Schoenaerts). However, as she works on her creation, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Le Nôtre and forced to negotiate the perilous rivalries and intricate etiquette of the court of King Louis XIV (Alan Rickman). But Sabine is made of strong stuff; her honesty and compassion help her to overcome both the challenges of her newfound popularity, and an unspeakable tragedy from her past, to win the favour of the Sun King and the heart of Le Nôtre.

Teetime Fri 10-Apr-15 10:03:14

Sir Alan (if you're not you should be)- come with me and be my love smile

Marmight Fri 10-Apr-15 17:34:59

grin. I think he already has one Teetime, otherwise I would be first in the queue!
Kate; I believe you attended Redroofs in your yoof? How much did your training there help in your future career?

lifewriter Fri 10-Apr-15 20:59:42

Alan, there has been loads said about the lack of working class actors recently... just wondered what your thoughts on the subject were?? Thanks! smile xx

Tegan Fri 10-Apr-15 21:55:18

Oh, I saw the trailer for this film at the cinema the other day and it looks amazing. I assume that a lot of thought goes into trailers, as it makes all the difference to us when we decide which films to see. Is it difficult to act and direct [?].

luliemender Fri 10-Apr-15 23:56:14

Dear Kate,
How do you feel about playing Sabine De Barra compared with other characters you have played?

luliemender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:13:59

Dear Kate,
Was it hard to play Sabine De Barra? Was it worth it?

luliemender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:14:18

Dear Kate,
Do you have anything in common with Sabine De Barra?

luliemender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:15:21

Dear Kate,
Tell us a funny moment on the set of A Little Chaos!

luliemender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:15:49

Dear Kate,
Would you change something about Sabine's personality?

luliemender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:25:21

Dear Kate,
Would you change something about Matthias Schoenaerts's personality?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:32:53

Dear Kate,
Do you have a step-by-step process on memorising your lines?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:33:11

Dear Kate,
What was your feeling after reading the script of A Little Chaos?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:33:45

Dear Kate,
How hard was it to play Sabine De Barra on a scale 1-10?
Did you get any help?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:34:47

Dear Kate,
If you had to describe Alan Rickman in one word, what word would you use?

Dear Alan,
If you had to describe Kate Winslet in one word, what word would you use?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:37:18

How hard is it to transition from being yourself to being your character?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:37:49

Dear Kate,
What was the most challenging thing about becoming Sabine De Barra? Why?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:38:09

Dear Kate,
Do you feel any connection between yourself and Sabine De Barra?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:38:38

Dear Kate and Alan,
What is something you feel that your interpretation from A Little Chaos makes it stand out from other performances?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:38:55

Dear Kate and Alan,
What was the most important scene [from A Little Chaos] in your opinion? Why?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 00:39:06

Dear Kate and Alan,
What advice would you give to those who want to act, direct, etc?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 01:22:03

Dear Kate and Alan,
What was the scariest part of the audition?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 01:22:35

Dear Kate and Alan,
What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actress/actor?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 01:22:52

Dear Kate and Alan,
Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their dream?

LuanaMender Sat 11-Apr-15 01:23:11

Dear Kate and Alan,
What are some of the greatest fears you think actors/actress face?