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Menopause webchat with Liz Earle

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Jun-18 16:00:33

The average age of menopause in the UK is 51. For many women it's considerably later, and for countless others the effects can last well into their 60s and beyond.

Liz Earle MBE is a wellbeing entrepreneur, TV presenter and the bestselling author of over 35 books including the number one bestseller The Good Menopause Guide. She will be answering your questions on the menopause here on this thread, so do add yours before Monday 25 June.

Liz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Liz Earle Wellbeing, a high-quality magazine focused on food and living well, published by Hearst. Built on over 30 years of Liz’s award-winning advice, experience and research, Liz Earle Wellbeing is packed with tried and trusted recipes and inspirational ideas and ways to bring out the very best in you. Liz lives with her husband and five children on their pasture-fed organic farm in the West Country.

Add your questions now - we will be picking one poster at random to win both a copy of The Good Menopause Guide and the Liz Earle Wellbeing Yearbook Volume 2

Grannyknot Tue 12-Jun-18 14:29:52

I don't really have a question, but I always think that any Menopause Guide should also include a section (or at least a paragraph) about those who sail through it, just for the record. smile

My menopause was so unremarkable, I don't even remember having it, but I must have. Well, I did, in my early 50s because I had a hysterectomy. Took HRT briefly, it didn't agree with me at all, in fact that made me ill. I then took natural remedies for a while, read Gail Sheehy's "Passages" (and possibly a few other books) and one day realised that I'm just fine.

I'm not being unsympathetic to people who do have symptoms and for whom menopause can cause difficulty, I just think it's important to say that for some people, it simply doesn't cause any problems, nor do the symptoms last long smile

annodomini Tue 12-Jun-18 15:10:22

Like grannyknot, I had an easy and early (43) menopause. AsI had no symptoms, my GP said I wouldn't need HRT, but, 30-odd years later I have a lot of joint problems - one hip and half a shoulder replaced so far - and this makes me wonder if thing would have been different if I had been prescribed HRT. What do you think?

Grannyknot Tue 12-Jun-18 15:47:09

anno thanks for that - it made me realise that I do have a question. Am I at risk of osteoporosis more so than someone who took HRT? (I have never smoked and I exercise).

Nanabilly Tue 12-Jun-18 16:10:39

I've a feeling that this topic may be a little too late to be of any help for us on GN. My menopause was 15 years ago .

Teetime Wed 13-Jun-18 08:55:45

Yes all over for me 10 years ago.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 13-Jun-18 09:38:26


I've a feeling that this topic may be a little too late to be of any help for us on GN. My menopause was 15 years ago .

Hello Nanabilly - in fact we did a menopause webchat with Dr Rosemary Leonard a couple of years ago and were so deluged with questions that we felt it was a good idea to return to the subject now. It was clear that not only did many start in their 50s but also that others had symptoms that lasted a decade or more. We do, of course, appreciate that for some it will all be in the past, but we know also that it is still very relevant to many

patto Wed 13-Jun-18 09:55:29

Well I for one am glad to see this. I am 54 and only now beginning to experience symptoms so I am obviously the other side of the average. I have had no periods for four months. I've had a few flushes but no sweats. My main symptom is insomnia which I believe to be very common from talking to friends. I have no trouble getting to sleep but I wake often and can take up to two hours to get back to sleep and my health and most especially my mood are suffering badly. What can I do?

kex66 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:34:47

Hello Liz, I started getting symptoms four years ago. They were not too bad so I assume I am one of the ones that has rather sailed through it. However since I hit menopause I have really struggled with my weight. I used to be able to lose a few pounds when I wanted to but now it is really an uphill battle and I am finding it impossible. Is this a temporary thing and what can I do about it?

creativeness Wed 13-Jun-18 11:08:21

I echo most of the above especially the weight piling on. Would welcome any advice regarding other symptoms.

Helenleeds Wed 13-Jun-18 11:09:52

I started the menopause in my early 50s & was prescribed HRT for the hot sweats & insomnia. I'm now 67 & unfortunately I still have the same symptoms if I don't have the HRT. I now apply half a patch twice-weekly which keeps the symptoms at bay. I dread the day the doc says I can't have it anymore as the sweats are so severe & debilitating. I really envy you ladies who have sailed through it!

Yearoff Wed 13-Jun-18 11:13:29

I’ve been on HRT for three years. I didn’t really want to take it but my partner has dementia and I couldn’t deal with the emotional side effects of menopause and the sleepless nights due to hot flushes. I still had my periods at this point (although irregular). My question is - because I’m on combination HRT I have a monthly bleed. How will I ever know if I’m through the menopause to come off the HRT?

cookiemonster66 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:42:30

I had a full hysterectomy at age 25 yrs, put on HRT couple of yrs after that. At 50 my Dr constantly hinted to stop taking HRT (as I had been taking it for 20 yrs) I now take those menopace herbal supplements (but use tesco own make as much cheaper) what are your thoughts on herbal rememdies?

ranorman45 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:45:54

Not so much hot flushes here,I just seem to be constantly boiling hot,this weather has not helped with it either,some times I can feel the sweat rolling down my face,the funny thing is I do not seem to sweat excessively anywhere other than my face and hairline .My joints are,also starting to give me cause for concern if I sit for too long and hands and knees jobs are tackled in a different way! I hope they do not get bad quickly as I love a soak in the bath and know that many people resort to showers due to mobility issues.Has anyone any natural remedies that have helped problems such as these?I am reluctant to take medication for the rest of my life!

Newbiedoobie Wed 13-Jun-18 11:48:13

I’m 51 and haven’t had a period for 9 months. I have very few symptoms which I would say are menopause, but I am generally achy and stiff jointed. In the mornings my hands are stiff and I can’t touch my toes at all as my back and legs are stiff. It does ease during the day, but is there anything for this or is it just age? I kind of feel like I’ve aged over these last few months!

Pebbles77 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:59:18

Most noticeable for me is chocolate cravings ... as bad a cigarette ( I used to smoke many years ago ... been a non smoker for 37 years but I remember it well ) ... don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved it but now it’s a compulsion and I worry if I have none in my possession and it has to be a certain brand ... I’m on HRT gel ... small dose and trying supplements like chromium complex etc ... and grumpy and very emotional ... not sure if anymore periods as I have Mirena coil anyway and no periods with that which has been amazing ... 55 this year ... I guess I could be post meno

gilbert Wed 13-Jun-18 12:17:16

My question is about mood swings although they are not so much swings as a permanent mood. I can see I am being grumpy but feel powerless to stop it. I am also low a lot of the time. It's like PMT but worse and it's non stop. What can be done?

Autumnleaves Wed 13-Jun-18 13:01:37

I wanted to ask, if our bodies start to drop in oestrogen levels and this can cause so many different problems, are there any foods or natural products that we could have to boost our levels?

Willow500 Wed 13-Jun-18 13:17:55

I'm another who sailed through it - a couple of days in hospital due to heavy bleeding when I was about 43 or 44 where they gave me medication and never had anything after that. No hot sweats or mood swings (as far as I know). My DIL on the other hand is 47 and suffers with many symptoms of the menopause but her GP still tells her it's not. She sweats profusely which is extremely embarrassing at work, finds it impossible to lose weight, and has very heavy bleeds. She's now had a coil fitted to try and control the bleeding. Is it possible to have all the menopause symptoms but still be undiagnosed? Are there any herbal remedies I could suggest to her to help?

gran1 Wed 13-Jun-18 14:42:39

I am noticing changing preferences for food and drink.
May not be connected to the menopause and nor of great concern. Coffee seems preferable to tea which was my favourite and salty snacks are irresistible.

Shinyredcar Wed 13-Jun-18 18:09:30

One of my oldest (long-standing) friends and I are still suffering from hot flushes in our seventies. She gets night sweats, too. No one seems to mention that some aspects menopause never go away!

Lyndie Wed 13-Jun-18 18:58:38

My doctor won’t let me have HRT. I feel so much better on it. More energy. Is there an alternative? X

Kazzy Thu 14-Jun-18 16:41:13

My question is this, my Dr put me on HRT but many people have told me that it only delays things and that as soon as you come off it you get menopause symptoms back, I asked the Dr and she said there was no evidence of this but everyone is different ! What are your thoughts on this ?

M0nica Thu 14-Jun-18 17:37:42

I am someone else who had an almost symptomless menopause. I did develop fibroids in the run up, but the menopause puts paid to them.

The one thing I did do is start gaining weight. It became impossible to lose weight my usual way of reducing food intake and upping exercise. Over about 5 years, despite every attempt to stop the weight gain and get back to my accustomed weight I put on about 21 lbs and was lumbered with it until I was about 70, when my metabolism returned to normal and I succeeded in losing all the extra weight I had gained in a couple of months and I have been back at my pre-menopausal weight, now, for nearly five years. Is this a menopausal problem, and how common is it?

My daughter is now approaching the menopause and is wondering whether she might have the same problem and is there anyway she can avoid it..

gardenoma Thu 14-Jun-18 22:22:33

Good to see there are some more ladies in their 70s still coping with hot flushes! I saw a doctor in a menopause clinic who could only prescribe clonedine, which reduces the number of really intense flushes but I still get them regularly as clockwork every 45-50 mins. I was told by my gp, when I decided enough is enough I now want quality of life.. that I'd missed my slot for HRT as it would now be too risky to start. Does this mean I'll go on till I die?? I have tried virtually all the alternative solutions on the market these 20 years without any improvement whatsoever. Have you any advise??