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Working in retirment

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petnanny1 Thu 06-Sep-18 14:05:49

Unsure if this is allowed, but I am sure that the moderators will delete if not appropriate.
If anyone is looking to work in retirement, we are always recruiting for animal loving, live-in pet sitters.
There are good rates of pay for the right people and you also save on utility bills.
I wont put a link here, since I am mindful of rule breaking, but let me know if anyone is interested.

OldMeg Thu 06-Sep-18 14:15:17

What a lovely service petnanny. I have two rescue dogs, one of which originally came as a foster and I couldn’t hand back. Then there’s the granddogs.

One week during the summer holidays I have my two, a 15-month Lhasa x Shih Tsu, my 6-year old Lhasa, my daughter’s 4 year old Jack Russell and their 2 year old miniature Dashy, and my son’s 11 week old JR x Lhasa!

Don’t think I can fit any more in....though I wonder if I’d even notice the odd extra mutt! 🤔🤨