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Retire then work part-time

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Bluesindy1 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:33:31

Morning all, in short I am thinking of retiring from full time employment within Local Government and taking my pension. This would enable me to work part time (I have another personal pension which I intend to still contribute to) In my area there is a wonderful gift shop/cafe (everytime I have visited I've always said how lovely it would be to work there!) So my question is would it be appropriate to approach them to enquire about job possiblilites and how would you suggest making contact? Letter, email, phone call or face to face. Thanks in advance for your thoughts

Bridgeit Sat 22-Sep-18 11:03:38

Just pop in have a cofffee & general chat dropping the topic into the conversation.

Maybelle Sat 22-Sep-18 11:05:24

I would talk face to face to make general enquiries, and then follow up with a letter or email. Be guided by their initial response.
There may be opportunities for pre Christmas work, this may lead to a more permanent position.
Good luck x

Alima Sat 22-Sep-18 11:39:03

I would ask them directly. (When we retired and moved to the seaside there was a lovely bookshop I would have loved to have worked in. Closed down before I had a chance to ask!)

Melanieeastanglia Sat 22-Sep-18 11:44:18

I think you could approach them face to face.

As you walk around urban areas, shops sometimes have notices in the window saying they have a vacancy. Have a look - you might see something else you fancy.

MawBroon Sat 22-Sep-18 11:56:26

Go for it! They may not be able to pay very much, but if it is a nice place to work, that may be enough.
In the summer I offered to work in Waitrose for free, just for the opportunity to stand near the chiller cabinets grin

Syd261 Sat 22-Sep-18 13:34:10

Personally I would call in when it is quiet and have a chat and casually mention that if they are looking for any extra staff or maybe have some vacancies coming up.