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Planning Your Retirement

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Kaza2000 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:37:46

I am planning on retiring in 2 years time (I will be 60 then!). What advice would you give someone to help them prepare for retirement. I don't mean sorting finances out (that should be obvious) but what things do you wish you had thought about and prepared for (if any). I can't wait and am used to being at home as I work in education so am used to long holidays.

aggie Fri 10-Jan-20 22:03:44

What are your interests outside work?
I bought myself a greenhouse , it was great for growing seedlings etc , but it was also a place to relax and hide from housework lol

EllanVannin Fri 10-Jan-20 22:06:30

Travel----before you're not able to.

Kaza2000 Fri 10-Jan-20 22:08:41

Haha! I don't need much encouragement to hide from housework!

Mbuya Fri 20-Mar-20 08:37:05

I found creating a bucket list helped although achieving some of the goals does need a steady source of income. The other advice I was given was to start early (hobbies etc.), the way you mean to go on. Otherwise you can end up feeling as if you have fallen off the edge of a cliff, once the euphoria of having so much free time wears off.

M0nica Fri 20-Mar-20 20:38:04

I left work on an early retirement scheme that included a 'retraining grant', so I went back to university for a year. As I retired in August I just had a few weeks at home and then was away. We also moved house. The house we bought was large, old and run down with a garden to match. Oh and my mother and aunt both died.

Somehow the first two years of my retirement disappeared in a haze of relentless activity!

After that I was fortunate that I had a number of long-term interests where I was able to step up my involvement.Then commitments just grew like Topsy from then on. 25 years on I am still waiting for the free time and the falling off the edge of a cliff feeling

sodapop Fri 20-Mar-20 22:07:37

Talk to your partner, make sure you are both aware of your expectation of retirement. People can have widely differing ideas of what they want to do.
Take your time, you don't have to rush into making commitments, enjoy not having to live to a schedule. Above all enjoy a more relaxed life style.