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Working over 70

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kangaroo73 Sun 15-Aug-21 12:28:44

I’m thinking about getting a part time job at the age of 75 for a bit of (needed) extra income. I’ve been retired for 15 years. All of my working life was office based but I’m now looking into maybe working in a supermarket or B&Q etc., as I believe they’re more accepting of older employees. Has anybody got any experience of this scenario?

Daisymae Sun 15-Aug-21 12:40:43

Maybe look on local Facebook groups, people advertise on ours with ironing or dog walking etc. Cleaners are also in big demand and the hourly rates are excellent. You may find that you have more control if you are self employed.

biglouis Tue 26-Oct-21 00:42:29

Im self employed - I sell antiques on the internet.

There are pros and cons.

As an employee you may get paid sick and holiday leave but you have to tow the line and work the hours they dictate. Also you will get reamed for tax under PAYE with no opportunity to claim or offset expenses.

As a self employed person you are responsible for your own tax but can write off quite a lot of necessary expenses. For example as a self employed cleaner you can claim for petrol/car use travelling to clients houses, cost of equipment/supplies/personal protection (if needed) and so on.

You will also have a lot more freedom to organize your own routine and make it fit around your lifestyle.

I would never again want to do an "employed" job.