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Opposition from others when launching new job or career

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biglouis Mon 04-Apr-22 14:03:48

Have you ever met opposition or put downs from friends or family when you launched a new venture or switched jobs?

I was qualified in a profession but as a non graduate found myself blocked for promotion (vis-a-vis new entrants). I decided to step off the ladder and go to university. My parents and sibling thought I was "crazy" to take the risk. Significantly it was my grandmother, then in her 90s who encouraged me. When I explained my reasons she told me "Well you must do what you have to do to get on" and even offered to help me out financially when I went back to being s student.

Sadly my gran died soon after this conversation. However she left me the contents of her house and money in her will to support me in my decision. This was back in the 1980s when LEA grants were still available. However its a big step down financially from being a qualified professional to living on a student grant.

I never returned to my former profession. My degree gave me other options and I subsequently had an academic career.

Organizing a house clearance after my gran passed and later stalling out at antique fairs taught me a lot about the antiques trade. I later returned to selling antiques in my retirement and now run an online business.