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CoffeeFirst Sun 01-May-22 07:33:52

I’m considering volunteering online. I recall reading about somewhere that did this but just can’t remember who it was.
I think I’d enjoy listening and chatting with others helping them to feel better about themselves.
Can anyone recommend anywhere for me to contact please?

Jaxjacky Sun 01-May-22 07:35:59

The Silver Line?

kittylester Sun 01-May-22 07:36:27

And AgeUk

MerylStreep Sun 01-May-22 07:43:59

S.O.S. Silence of Suicide

BlueBelle Sun 01-May-22 07:53:09

I think there’s a kids thing too hearing them read but I don’t know the name or link and I ve never done zoom so not sure how good I d be ,

biglouis Mon 02-May-22 01:46:47

I did this working with a local charity during the first lockdown. There were some people I chatted with and others I just "checked in" to make sure they were well and if they had any needs for someone from the charity to call to do shopping etc.

In one instance I rang a lady with whom I had developed a good relationship and a very rough sounding voice answered one day. The new person claimed to be her daughter, called me a busybody and was very rude. She told me not to ring again. I tried calling back at different times but there was no reply. When I reported this to the charity they sent a welfare worker around and as a result social services became involved.

I dont know the details but it was all very disturbing. Ive heard of other instances of people befriending an older person and being warned off by jealous relatives.

CoffeeFirst Mon 02-May-22 08:35:59

Thanks ladies. It wasn’t actually talking with another on the line more typing (from what I can remember). My daft fault for not tearing the piece out of the paper/magazine. I’ll take a look into these, might work for me.

@biglouis, Sorry to hear this happened to you. How sad. I do hope the lady is ok.

Cybermonster Wed 06-Jul-22 09:30:21

Honestly, I don't think it's right if you don't have the proper mental preparation. In that case, you might as well lie to the person. But you can try to get a job at a call center at half or quarter rate, where they will train you to communicate properly. You'll also get money for it. And if you don't want the money, you can quit your job, but with the knowledge you acquired. I used to work here in customer service, they do a pretty good job training employees psychologically, so you can try to go that way.

boheminan Wed 06-Jul-22 09:43:22

My brother let me know about Zooniverse - it's a worldwide volunteering organisation, involving a variety of projects, including the St. James's Burial Ground project - helping archaeologists by recording old burial records, which we're involved with.

Larkin7 Fri 14-Oct-22 15:15:08

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MayBee70 Fri 14-Oct-22 15:35:32

I’ve just contacted a local organisation that is asking people to befriend a local elderly lady. I said I was only prepared to make an occasional but regular phone call but having talked, on another thread, about how lonely I felt at one point in my life I felt I should offer to help. I do hope that they vet befrienders thoroughly before introducing them to vulnerable people.