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Gave in my notice

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Sallywally1 Thu 19-May-22 20:42:42

But only in writing as manager not there on Tuesday. I only work Tuesday and Friday now. I have been working successfully in the NHS for many years, and retired in December so I thought. I took a ten hour a week job afterwards, but it was a mistake.

Manager has accused me of being too slow ((just diagnosed OA of hands), I feel one co worker dislikes me and overall I feel that life is too short to be unhappy at work. I am 66 and who knows how the OA will progress.

Think of me though! I am worried about what is ahead, not least financially. The ten hours a week money made my NHS pension and state pension up to a proper income. My DH supports me and says there is enough money in the coffers. He is very good with money, but I have always been independently.

Blossoming Thu 19-May-22 20:48:03

It really isn’t worth the hassle SallyWally1. You didn’t retire to be unhappy. You will manage financially and you may find another part time job you enjoy more in the future.

Deedaa Thu 19-May-22 20:49:11

Honestly life is too short to be unhappy at work. If you carried on there it would just wear you down. DS has got a new manager at work, a management graduate who hasn't get a clue. So far DS is sticking it out because the job suits him but several people have left. So far no one seems to be wondering why they are all going.

tiredoldwoman Fri 20-May-22 04:37:30

Well done on making that decision !
I'd read your previous post about how awful your working life had become . Good riddance to that rotten lot !
Your husband sounds lovely how nice to be with him instead of 10 ghastly hours spent in an uncomfortable job.
It's actually quite an exciting time , you can look for other jobs now - keep us posted . smile

Harris27 Fri 20-May-22 04:50:43

I’ll be working till I’m 66 but I’m hopefully going to retire on what I’ve got life’s too short.

dogsmother Fri 20-May-22 07:17:08

Good for you !
You won’t look back and I hope your notice period isn’t too long either!

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 20-May-22 07:24:03

You could use up your holiday entitlement to make your term of notice shorter.

Enjoy your retirement!

CoffeeFirst1 Fri 20-May-22 07:30:47

Great news! I don’t like the sound of the other colleagues and not being supported in your job is an awful feeling.

SunshineSally Fri 20-May-22 07:59:36

I retired from the NHS (Aug 21) so that I could get my pension before the new pension changes kicked in, in April 2022 - but with a plan to come back to my same job and banding. I did come back - but after having a month off, I bitterly regretted it. A high workload, with no support and a bullying manager who just happened to make a throwaway comment helped make my mind up and I handed in my notice a few months later - tho I was still expected to give 3 months notice. I wouldn’t have minded the notice if I had been training someone up, but it was all last and when I finally retired interviews were being held the following week! Best thing I ever did - my pension is small and I will have to wait for my state pension for 7 years but I honestly don’t regret it. DH retires next month as he has reached state pension age and we will see how we go. If I do end up needing to work financially then I’ll get a little job somewhere totally different - but am aiming not to! Thankfully I was able to use my lump sum to pay off our mortgage etc. Yes we will need to tighten our belts but the stress and long hours working was not worth the mental anguish I was put under. Thankfully my DH was fully supportive.

See how you go - don’t panic - I know it’s scary when the money suddenly dries up, but give it a few months and then reassess your situation. Good luck ?

Joane123 Fri 20-May-22 08:21:56

You have done the right thing Sallywally. Life is just too short to have to work in such a situation.
Take your time, things will resolve. Good luck.

Calendargirl Fri 20-May-22 08:30:20

It’s sad though when you feel you have to give up your job mainly because it’s so stressful and miserable.

I’m sure it wasn’t always like this, it’s how things seem to be now in so many occupations.

H1954 Fri 20-May-22 08:42:02

PM sent.

Aveline Fri 20-May-22 08:48:08

I found that when I retired from NHS job that by the time I was no longer having deductions for superannuation, national insurance, union dues and professional body membership I was much better off than I thought I would be. Adding in my bus pass I was pleasantly surprised at how I was managing on my NHS and state pensions. I don't exactly lead a wild life though!
The OP might be surprised too. I hope so.

JaneJudge Fri 20-May-22 08:56:11

Low paid work is high pressure to meet targets and physically demanding. Employers do want too much from those that are lower paid. I think quite a lot of people are unaware of this! Coupled with crazy shift patterns, no set breaks (if any) no flexibility to employee but flexibility to serve employer. It is miserable imo

Enjoy your retirement

mamagill Thu 26-May-22 19:38:33

Just need a bit of advice and a rant.
New employee pays overtime, by the minute which is good but I had a sick day(asthma attack) and they take back all the overtime worked and don’t pay a penny of it. I’m raging!! Is this legal?!

mamagill Thu 26-May-22 19:39:21


Just need a bit of advice and a rant.
New employee pays overtime, by the minute which is good but I had a sick day(asthma attack) and they take back all the overtime worked and don’t pay a penny of it. I’m raging!! Is this legal?!

Sorry that should say new employer

Blinko Thu 26-May-22 19:44:13

mamagill sounds like you should talk to ACAS. They have a website and a phone helpline. They will be able to advise.

biglouis Mon 30-May-22 17:10:39

If I was employing someone I would rather have someone who was "slow and steady" and got the job done than some whizz kid who thought they knew it all.

62Granny Mon 30-May-22 17:58:56

I think you will find that you are no worse off by the time to factor in the tax and NI. Also just the general expenses of going to work petrol, clothes, tea money , lunch etc. You will be fine .