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Sapphire24 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:03:27

Hi Grans, I'm late 50s and work 35 hours per week. I've recently been thinking about studying to get my bookkeeping level 2 & 3 qualifications, with a view to going part time self employed. It could take me up to two years studying but could do it quicker depending on how many hours I put in. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has done a similar thing and were you happy with the outcome or did you regret it. Thanks in advance

FannyCornforth Wed 05-Oct-22 07:20:50

My cousin did it and now works for herself. She seems to have done very well with it. She’s been bookkeeping now for around 10 years.
We aren’t close, so I can’t really add any more!
Good luck!

Katie59 Wed 05-Oct-22 08:00:52

My DIL does accounts for several small businesses it pays very well it’s flexible, very family friendly. The only limitation is you have to have a head for figures (she has) mistakes can take days to correct. It’s something you cannot learn you can either “see” columns of figures or you can’t.

rosie1959 Wed 05-Oct-22 10:19:05

I did AAT when I was younger not to get a job but to have paper qualifications. I have been employed in booking positions for quite a while. The only comment I might make is although you can learn the theory on a course I really learned to do the job by experience working for different companies and learning from the qualified accountants there.

Sapphire24 Wed 05-Oct-22 13:45:17

Many thanks for your replies and advice. I totally understand how hands on experience would help. Part of my job involves basic accounts administration and hopefully I can get more involved, if I decide to take the courses.