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Opinions on freelance work

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TaskVerseTasker Wed 14-Dec-22 23:03:31

Is there a specific reason why individuals do not enjoy doing freelance work? I have been talking to individuals about small job offers and they don't seem to be interested even if the payout is increased for the work.

Mollygo Wed 14-Dec-22 23:07:29

Depends what the freelance work is and how complicated it is to get the pay.

Theexwife Wed 14-Dec-22 23:38:16

It would depend on the person asking and if the job was worthwhile doing money wise.

Hetty58 Thu 15-Dec-22 00:29:27

I used to do proofreading and editing as a sideline. The extra organisation, planning, deadlines and communication involved weren't always worth the good rates of pay. I spent a lot of time double checking things, too, so it's not ideal for a perfectionist!

M0nica Thu 15-Dec-22 17:51:39

DH, now nearly 80 has done freelance work since he retired and, with the friend he works with, they have just been awarded another large contract.

He is a Chartered Engineer, so the work is both intellectually demanding and well paid - and I do think that does make a difference.

It also depends on what your profession is. Some adapt to freelance work better than others.

GagaJo Thu 15-Dec-22 17:57:38

I do freelance work. But I'm less flexible in what I take now. If it doesn't pay enough, I turn it down.

I've got more than enough regular or highly paid work to need to take little, ad hoc jobs that require a lot of prep and don't pay much.

biglouis Sat 24-Dec-22 12:57:52

I did freelance work for 10 years after I retired from employment as an academic. Much of it was with/for colleagues I already knew at the uni where I had worked or was passed by word of mouth. I did telephone intervieweing and internet based research for both large and small projects.

The work was fairly laid back so long as deadlines were met. There were no set hours and it was all, of course, home based.

I combined that with a side hustle of selling antiques on Ebay where I opened a shop. Gradually I opened more shops and my own website so the antiques took over.

I have always been a planner and I enjoy routine. Being self employed/freelancing takes tremendous self discipline and not everyone is cut out for it. You have to be prepared to get out of bed and do the work no matter how lousy you may feel.

Luckygirl3 Sat 24-Dec-22 14:09:53

I too worked freelance for the 10 years before I retired - I jumped off the wheel of social work and had a great time: I did photography (taking stills for film projects, providing pics for magazines, picture editing a magazine and lots more) and singing workshops and arts outreach.

I had ten years of fun - my income was a little precarious but we weathered that as quality of life was so much better.

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Dec-22 14:23:04

I thoroughly enjoyed the freelance work I did for around 7 years until I broke my ankle and could no longer do inspections.

This was followed by a long report and I was happy to be sitting at my computer after 10 pm. The pay was good so I was able to save a decent amount having paid off my mortgage when I retired I had to save some money.

Norah Sat 24-Dec-22 14:37:58

My husband does freelance work. He enjoys the mental challenges involved in his work. I have no idea why a person wouldn't be interested to freelance.

biglouis Sun 25-Dec-22 01:10:55

Freelancing is good if you can find your niche. Income can vary but if you do it after state pension kicks in you have the basics to live on. I know a lot of people in the antiques world who still do fairs and markets but I dont have the mobility for that. Good little earner that as most business is still dont in cash.

OnwardandUpward Sun 25-Dec-22 02:04:30

Because some people are tricky to work for. For example, the customer asks for A and then gets A, but then has another idea and says "oh, can you JUST do....." ( not understanding what they are asking is extremely time consuming and that the price would have been extra if that was what they had asked for in the first place)
It really does depend on what the terms and conditions are. I don't think its at all reasonable to ask for something to be done and then when it is done, to change your mind or have a new idea. Customers like that are to be avoided. As are those who want something for nothing, or those who have no idea of what they are asking.

I was recently asked to do something that is too physically demanding for me. I would also turn down a freelance job that didn't involve me working in my own environment. I would also avoid working for anyone who didn't seem to know what they might want or who might be looking for a freebie. I have a day job, so can afford to be picky.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 25-Dec-22 08:52:04

MzOops is self employed and has several part time contracts, all working from home, with just a couple of occasional visits to their workplace, she usually ends up doing far more hours than they want to pay her for and often has to fight to get paid.
But as she still has a teenage son at home, she will carry on until he goes of to University next year.
She also helps several Charities so actually works more hours than she did when she was working full time.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 25-Dec-22 09:06:25

I took up stain glass many Years ago and studied it college for 5 years. People would say could you make me a window just for my hallway not realising the amount of work that went into even a little window. It’s like making a jigsaw and doing it in glass . So I stopped. It just was worth it

Grantanow Sun 25-Dec-22 13:21:11

I worked freelance for about 13 years after early retirement and enjoyed it. Of course one has to be a bit more self-organised and self-managing and income can fluctuate wildly but there are risks in employment: the firm might go bust!

biglouis Tue 27-Dec-22 13:11:56

Yes clients can be pushy but you just have to be firm. Most of mine are American and can be very demanding. They dont understand the concept of taking a complete month off at christmas/new year.

I have one who does not understand the concept of automated messages which say:-