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Text from daughter-in-law to say she’s been made redundant

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Shinamae Fri 20-Jan-23 09:13:46

My daughter in law is on holiday in France at the moment with my son, she has worked for Wayfare for nearly 2 years and climbed the ladder and has got quite a good job with them.
She suffers with anxiety and IBS so working from home for this company has been really good for her, to get this email saying that they are outsourcing the work to Poland has really shocked her but I have told her not to worry. Something else will come up,I too am very shocked.
Luckily enough, the both of them live with me. I moved my bedroom downstairs so they have a lounge and a bedroom upstairs so at least they haven’t got to worry about paying rent on bills on a flat, although they do contribute to running expenses…

MawtheMerrier Fri 20-Jan-23 09:32:42

I think we knew early on that when WFH took over, that it would not be long before that was outsourced to cheaper “homes” anywhere in the world.

It may have its place, but we lose out on many fronts.

annsixty Fri 20-Jan-23 09:37:03

Not good news to get for a New Year and whilst on holiday.
Hopefully she will get a decent redundancy deal which will tide them over until she can find something else which I sincerely hope will not be too long and also which will suit her needs.
Good luck to them and I feel you are a very good mum to accommodate them as you have.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 20-Jan-23 09:38:24

That’s bad luck. I hope she finds another job soon.

cornergran Fri 20-Jan-23 09:44:51

I understand the feeling of shock shinamae. We lived through many redundancies with Mr C, it’s scary, I always felt it in my digestion , constantly nauseous. Our elder son was in the same position this time last year, divorced with two mortgages to support as you can imagine we were all more than worried, the nausea was back. After a worrying few months I’m happy to report a positive outcome, he has a role he enjoys working in a supportive organisation Our son has found his life has got better, I hope the same for your daughter in law. My good wishes to you all and a sincere hope your daughter in law will also find a new, enjoyable role and you can stop worrying.

Shinamae Fri 20-Jan-23 13:44:49

Thank you all so much. Apparently she will get three months pay at the end of this month. I’m sure they will give her a very good reference.
Now I’m starting to worry about my daughter who lives in St Albans and works as an independent quantity surveyor, she has been with this company for years but is anybody’s job safe these days?
She has left her husband in the last six months and now lives in a two bedroom flat with her four and six-year-old children. The rent alone is £1400 a month and the husband is being difficult about the divorce.
I will just have to take each day as it comes and not try to make trouble head on….🤷‍♀️

Fleurpepper Fri 20-Jan-23 13:55:37

Very bad luck indeed, and thank goodness she has you to support her and the kids.

Covid is not the only factor here- Jobs are going to the cheaper parts of EU- and we all know why. As cheaper staff from EU were sent back- the jobs are being exported to them, rather than salaries and conditions improving here.