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LizIlkeston Tue 21-Feb-23 11:30:34

My daughter and new granddaughter live in Melbourne so I'll only see the baby twice a year. I felt so down after my return from Australia( having spent 5 weeks with the baby from birth) I decided to make some changes. I live alone.
I've registered with a Housesitters website and got my first housesit in Wales near the Gower in mid March for a week. I've also applied for an over 60s Travel hosing job so I'll get away a couple of times a year. Friends are mainly not able to appreciate the huge sense of loss in not seeing grandchildren. Any others doing something?

Quokka Tue 21-Feb-23 12:05:28

Wow! Let us know how the house sitting goes. I’ve often thought about doing something in that line. Good for you.

LRavenscroft Tue 21-Feb-23 12:12:57

Sounds as if you have signed up for some really interesting projects. Please let us know how it all goes.

fiorentina51 Tue 21-Feb-23 12:24:45

Good for you!
Some friends of mine were house sitters for a good number of years. They stayed in some very interesting properties and made many friends.
I'm lucky in that my son and his family live a 20 minute drive away and my daughter about 2 to 3 hours from me but now I'm on my own after the death of my husband last year, I feel its even more important to keep busy.
I have some voluntary jobs, some wonderful friends and of course, my family.
I'm happy with my own company, most of the time but I also enjoy socialising and trying new things.
Most recently volunteering on an archaeology dig, processing finds.
Variety is the spice of life.

Hetty58 Tue 21-Feb-23 12:31:29

LizIlkeston (the travel 'hosing' made me laugh) I too, am struggling to understand the 'huge sense of loss'. They are not your children, so your family 'mothering' duties are done. I'm glad you have other things planned. I've never felt 'loss', only huge relief when my four kids finally left, when my grandson went to live with his mother - and when I was free to get on with other interests. Maybe that's because I did a lot of childcare during my life, so occasional babysitting is quite enough for me.

HousePlantQueen Tue 21-Feb-23 13:22:14

Oh, good for you! Would love to hear about your house sitting adventures, discretion applied of course. What a great way to visit other areas at no cost other than travel presumably, and you get to keep yourself warm and cosy at someone else's expense, win win!

LizIlkeston Tue 21-Feb-23 14:43:11

Hosting not hosingsmile!

LizIlkeston Tue 21-Feb-23 14:57:26

Thanks all for responding. I did a housesit in Australia, 5 mins walk from my daughter so we both had some space over the 5 weeks. Lovely house but the cat I was feeding for the owners had fleas! I was covered in bites and the house had to be de-bugged. Will always check animals have had their treatment in future!
The Wales job has animal duties but not taking a lot of time. There are housesits without animal care. The sites are a small fee to join for a year but gives some peace of mind on both sides.
The hosting job is with over 60s only as I'm nearly 70. I emailed the company direct and asked for any jobs available.
All my spare budget goes on Aussie trips so this is a good way of travelling, all expenses paid and getting a salary too. Waiting to hear if my first placement will be uk or abroad.
The article here about long distance grand parenting was very helpful and spurred me to joining Gransnet. smile

NotSpaghetti Tue 21-Feb-23 15:16:21

I hope you have lots of great adventures! Good for you, Liz

knspol Fri 24-Feb-23 11:25:58

The house sitting idea sounds very interesting, not something I'd ever thought of before. Can you recommend any sites to check out?

LizIlkeston Fri 24-Feb-23 11:27:36

I got the travel job...absolutely made up. First job in Crete then the Algarve later in the season. There will be time to do my own thing so very excited. Nice to support older people on solo holidays..I remember how nervous I was on my first solo trip.

VB000 Fri 24-Feb-23 11:30:01

Well done LizIlkeston - sounds amazing, enjoy!

Cambia Fri 24-Feb-23 11:54:08

Well done you LizIlkeston for doing something instead of just sitting there feeling fed up! A new lease of life with lots of new enjoyable things to try. I really admire you.

pinkjj27 Fri 24-Feb-23 11:59:06

Inspiring I have never heard of either. Well done to you for making this leap. Maybe I will look into it

1summer Fri 24-Feb-23 12:11:01

Sounds interesting what’s a travel hosting job?

Bijou Fri 24-Feb-23 12:12:15

When my husband died I was 63 and after redecorating and renovating the furniture after the bungalow which had been let for twelve years whilst we were abroad I booked a coach tour holiday to Italy . Enjoyed it so much because everyone was so friendly because I was alone that for the next twenty years I went three times a year all over Europe.

Applegran Fri 24-Feb-23 12:18:02

We have used a home swap site and had numerous free and very happy holidays - we were nervous at first about having strangers in our home, but you get to know them a little in advance and it has worked well every time. The site also arranges house sitting - so here is a link for anyone interested in looking a bit further. You can browse without joining.

Madgran77 Fri 24-Feb-23 12:33:06

Brilliant that you are being proactive not "moping!" Mine only moved in this country but I still miss them desperately!

I find that volunteering is a really good way to fill time and make friends too .... either permanent or temporary one off volunteering too. Maybe this is something for you if and when your exciting adventures aren't happening?

Skyblue2 Fri 24-Feb-23 12:45:40

I admire your spirit - I think life will open up for you in ways you can’t imagine ! Great. Good luck

Avee Fri 24-Feb-23 12:52:33

Wow that’s amazing good luck in your adventures and your an inspiration

frue Fri 24-Feb-23 14:04:01

Trusted housesitters- fee for both parties to join and then no payments either way. Have been doing it for 5 years - great way of changing scene and having animals as can’t in flats where I live.

tattygran14 Fri 24-Feb-23 14:08:05

Has anyone any suggestions for me to volunteer, as I'm extremely hard of hearing.
It's very isolating as I'm unable to telephone, even face to face chat is difficult.
I'm hoping for a cochlear implant, but it's taking ages. Any ideas? I did reception at CAB, and was a volunteer hospital driver before my hearing deteriorated drastically.

rowyn Fri 24-Feb-23 14:47:10

Oh, I so wish I could draw!

Love the idea of a 'hosing job'.
I have this picture in my head of a crowd of semi naked wrinklies cowering in front of this Amazon like woman who is showering them with a large and powerful firefighter's hose!

rowyn Fri 24-Feb-23 14:50:01

I tried to reproduce LizIlkeston's message above my comment, but failed. Could someone tell me how it's done, for future reference?

lyleLyle Fri 24-Feb-23 14:56:40

What a fantastic idea and fantastic attitude you have! Thanks for sharing the positivity smile