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7 ways to entertain your grandchildren

Come rain or shine, in the car or at home, make sure you'll never be stuck for something to keep the little 'uns entertained with these suggestions from gransnetters.

Only got your imagination handy? Not a problem. Willing to make a mess (and have a great time in the process)? We've got the activity for you. Read on for some great ideas to keep grandchildren busy while you browse Gransnet make lunch... 


1. Science experiments they'll love

activities with grandchildren  

"My grandchildren love science experiments, the messier the better. I always have a stock of white vinegar and bicarb. Also try Googling 'balloon powered car and rocket', lots of examples very simply made from household items." shysal


2. Teach them to knit (and not just the girls)

knitting with grandchildren 

"Why not also teach your grandson to knit? It is not a skill that's exclusive to women... My DS1, aged about 5, knitted a scarf for his teddy. I have the bear still clad in his scarf." annodomini


3. Go bug-hunting 

bug hunting with grandchildren 


"My grandchildren like bug hunting. I found young children do better with a largish white tub, like a margarine or ice cream tub. We hold this under a bush or some other type of plant, shake it and see what falls in. They find it easier to look at the bug against a white background. We do have a magnifying glass but young children can find them tricky to use so it isn't really essential. It's a good way to encourage them to be observant." EastEndGranny


4. Get the imagination firing with some fantasy drawing

drawing activities for grandchildren 

"Another one we did with pencils and paper was to draw a hotel ie. a big oblong with lots of "rooms", and label them with fantasy uses like "pink ice cream cafe". They got amazingly creative, designing furniture etc. and came up with names for their hotels. They still talk about what fun that was." Gagagran


5. Create some pavement art (imagine the photo album at the end!)

chalk drawing with grandchildren 

"I got some chalk for my 2-year-old granddaughter (about £1 in Tesco). We've now got lovely pictures on the patio, on the walls, on the wooden fence. Every time I look out, I smile! Also, a small bucket of water and a new cheap paintbrush and she paints the fence for ages." Grannydougs 


6. Word games

word games with children 

"In the car with my GC, I used to instigate a game of the alphabetical cat. The first person says 'my cat is an a... cat. And it goes round and round ad infinitum. X and Z are the usual problems but it's a great game for extending their vocabulary." annodomini


7. Arts and crafts they (or you...) can keep


"I painted an old wooden jewellery box and showed DD3 how to decoupage a pattern on the top using paper napkins. It's easy to do and a great rainy day activity." merlotgran 

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