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Calling all gransnetters...

We need you

Would you like to meet more people in your local area? Find a new hobby? Make new friends? Get more involved in your community? There IS a way!

We are looking for enthusiastic gransnetters to help run our Gransnet Local sites and you, yes YOU, would be perfect.


What is Gransnet Local?

Gransnet Local is a network of websites dedicated to over 50s (not just grans!), pointing people in the direction of anything and everything of interest in their local area. We feature things like arts and crafts, local fitness classes and things to do with the grandchildren.

It's a response to your pleas for new ways to meet each other, have fun, and share advice and support - not just in the forums! Plus, it offers a fantastic service to local communities and businesses.

And we simply cannot do it without you! We currently have an army of local editors running sites as far flung as Colchester, ExeterChester, Leicestershire and Liverpool & Wirral. BUT, there are more sites that need building up and looking after. Why not give it a go?


The role

friends with coffee

Two words: it's fun! Our existing editors say how much they've learnt about their local areas and how connected they feel to the community around them. It's well worth a couple of hours with the laptop and a cuppa each week. 

"But what do I have to do?" you ask. Simple!

  • Encourage gransnetters and others in the over 50s community to get together - could be a charity bake sale, a coffee morning or lunch, a weekend walk... anything that floats your boat.
  • Add listings to your site, such as local events, markets, fun days out, classes or even the best places to find cake <strictly for research purposes, of course>
  • Ask local businesses to list their services and events. 
  • Encourage businesses to advertise on the site - editors keep 100% of any revenue generated. Yup, all of it. But it's no big deal if you don't fancy that - the social side of the website is the prime focus.

Check out what existing Gransnet local editors say about it all on our 10 reasons to become a Gransnet local editor page.


Do it with a friend

We're all about sharing the love here at Gransnet. And the labour! Why not team up with a friend or, heck, a group of friends to man one of our sites?

Think of yourselves as the seven dwarves: you need a 'Happy', a 'Nosy', a 'Sociable', a 'Vaguely Computer Savvy' and so on. Or you could be all these things rolled into one and we'll call you 'Doc'. As long as you have some enthusiasm and a knack for seeking out local info, you are sitting pretty.


Make some extra cash

We don't expect you to do this on your own. We'll show you the ropes and you'll have ongoing support. After that, how much you earn will depend on you; the better the site, the more you make. You'll keep any income from local businesses who advertise on the site.


We know what you're thinking

confused woman

Something along the lines of "This sounds like fun, but I'm no computer whizz..."

The good news is you don't have to be! The local sites are designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. And don't forget - we're here to help every step of the way. All we ask of our local editors is that you're sociable, willing to give it a go and passionate about your local community. 


How to apply

If you're interested or would like to know more, send us an email at local@gransnet.com with 'Local Editor' in the subject box. We'll happily answer any questions and take you through the next steps.

And, in the meantime, find your local site and help it grow by adding a listing of your favourite park, hairdresser, museum or local event. Help us spread the love!









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