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10 reasons to love autumn

Crunchy leaves, a new scarf and glove set, hot soup and crusty rolls - there are plenty of things to love about autumn, and here are a few favourites from our forums. What are yours? We'd love to know. You can add them to the thread.

reasons to love autumn


1. The wonders of nature

"The mornings of mist with spiders webs dripping dew, the beautiful sunrises...and the bright red glow in the skies as the sun sets at the end of the day, I find all very satisfying in some way." 

Watch the picturesque sunrise in a local park or outdoor space near you.


2. The wonders of nature: part 2

"The glorious russet/golden leaves. It's a conker heaven where I live they are raining down thick and fast."

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3. Getting out your cosy clothes

cup and scarf

"Much of my wardrobe is in autumnal colours; yellows and crimsons and colours like that." 

Transition your wardrobe so you're always prepared for those days when the weather really can't make up its mind.


4. Nature's spoils

"I also love autumn for all the foraging, lots of wild mushrooms, wild raspberries and blackberries, etc." Check out our jam recipes for inspiration.


5. And while we're back on nature...

red deer in autumn

"Rutting deer, my favourite pasttime in the autumn. Love going to Woburn Park and watching the red deer calling, chasing and rutting."


6. Embracing the autumn chill

"I love the colours, the rain, the sunshine, the chill, the warmth, being cosy, getting cold and the smugness of being inside!"


7. And beating it...

"The cold nights have a lovely feeling too, I put on my jammies after work and snuggle on the sofa under a throw."

Curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and enjoy one of these all time classic films


8. Being justified - finally! - in turning on the heating

wine and roaring fire

"I love coming home to a warm house, lighting the stove, pulling the curtains and settling down to an evening of reading and sewing."

Do you receive Winter Fuel Allowance? If you haven’t received it before, find out what you need to do.


9. Watching the season change

"Generally, I feel reassured by the turning of the year. I love the changing seasons and I would never want to live somewhere hot all the year round."


10. Appreciating your surroundings

cobbled lane

"My village has a long cobbled tree tunnelled footpath and when I walk it first thing in the morning with the sun shining through the leaves, my heart sings and I know what heaven is."


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